The Constitution is Ghana's fifth constitution since independence from the United Kingdom in after those of , , and. Get this from a library! Constitution of the Republic of Ghana: [Ghana,]. 1. This Act may be cited as the Constitution of Kenya. Act 2. In this Act, except Ghana. Malaysia, Nigeria, Cyprus, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Jamaica.


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The office of the Ombudsman in existence immediately before the coming into force of this 1969 constitution of ghana shall, until the President appoints the Commissioner for Human Rights and Administrative Justice and his Deputies, and provision is otherwise made, continue as if it forms part of the Office of the Commission for Human Rights and Administrative Justice.

Constitution of the Republic of Ghana : (Book, ) []

Notwithstanding article of this Constitution, a person is not entitled to receive pension under the Social Security Scheme under the Social Security Law, PNDCL before attaining the age of fifty-five years unless Parliament by law otherwise determines.

Where any matter or thing has been commenced before the coming into force of this Constitution by a person or authority that has power for the purpose under the existing law, that matter 1969 constitution of ghana thing may be carried on and completed by the person or authority having power for the purpose after the coming into force of this Constitution; and it shall not be necessary for the person or authority to commence the matter or thing afresh.

The Presidential seal, the Public seal, the seals of the Superior Courts as well as any prescribed forms in use under any enactment in force immediately before the coming into force of this Constitution shall continue to be used until provision is otherwise made for them.

The prerogative of mercy of the President under article 72 of this Constitution may be exercised in respect of any criminal offence committed 1969 constitution of ghana the coming into force of this Constitution as it may in respect of a criminal offence committed thereafter.

Constitution of the Republic of Ghana: - Ghana - Google книги

Notwithstanding any law to the contrary, the financial estimates in operation for the financial year in being at the coming into force of this Constitution shall, until provision is otherwise made by Act of Parliament, continue and shall have full effect.

As a consequence, 1969 constitution of ghana was overthrown together with his Constitution through a coup in People of Ghana then desired to prevent the one party state system as well as abuse of power.


With this, an member Constitutional Commission was charged with the mandate to seek the opinions of Ghanaians to draft a new constitution for the country[Dale, ].

Thus, arbitrary detention of people without any fair trial and right 1969 constitution of ghana counsel was abolished.

Ghana: Constitution of the Republic of Ghana

The constitution was the first of its kind to have 1969 constitution of ghana whole chapter for human rights. The then Ghana had a multi-party system under the Constitution. One party system was done away with and this paved the way for the beginning of true democracy in the then Ghana.

The constitution was made the sovereign law of the land that made the President neither ceremonial nor executive purported to prevent abuse of power.

The constitution promoted check and balances regarding power.

Constitution of the Republic of Ghana : 1969

It also gives the Supreme Court the power of Judicial Review over legislature enactments[Owusu,]. The constitution created what is called separation of powers which was purported to ensure that a particular department or arm of government is debarred from abusing the 1969 constitution of ghana, freedoms and dignity of persons as well as preventing the abuse of power.


The Constitution also set up a number of independent and semi-independent bodies purported to control the exercise of powers granted to the government.

These included the idea to establish the office of the Ombudsman Articles The Ombudsman was supposed to receive 1969 constitution of ghana of human rights abuse, investigate the function of 1969 constitution of ghana public services official purported to ensure checks and balances to prevent the abuse of power.

The Constitution further establishes other bodies which ensured the enforcement of the laws and the promotion and protection of human rights.

It also gave the opposition leader the opportunity to become part of the Council of State Article 53 [ constitution of Ghana, ]. The Constitution rested the sovereignty of the constitution in the people of Ghana.

Ghanaian parliamentary election, 1969

Citizens were highly respected, the dignity as human beings were protected, their property was protected and their family rights were also promoted and protected. Individuals were given the rights to contest the provisions of the constitution at the superior court of judicature purported to determine whether or not a particular provision is in contravention or otherwise.

Page 3 of 16 It is an undisputable fact to state that, the Constitution made very 1969 constitution of ghana provision on fundamental human rights.

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