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3D Pop Up Cards UK | Christmas & Birthday Greeting Card | Cardology

Traditionally, these books were often created to commemorate special events or sold as souvenirs of tourist attractions. The term "tunnel book" derives from the fact that many of these books were made to commemorate the 3d pop up greeting cards of the 3d pop up greeting cards under the Thames River in London in the midth century.

Recently the tunnel book format has been resurrected by book 3d pop up greeting cards Carol Barton and others as a sculptural book form. Artists are interested not only in the book's interior views, but also in treating the side accordions and covers as informational and visual surfaces A selection of tunnel books by Carol Barton is archived in the special collections of Virginia Commonwealth University 's James Branch Cabell Library.

History[ edit ] The audience for early movable books were adults, not children. The first known movable in a book was created by Benedictine monk Matthew Paris in his Chronica Majorawhich covers a period beginning in Paris attached volvelles onto some of the pages which were used by the monks to help calculate holy days.

Pop Up Cards

It is speculated that the Catalan mystic and poet Ramon Llullof Majorca, also used volvelles to 3d pop up greeting cards his theories in the early 14th century, [5] but no physical example 3d pop up greeting cards a paper volvelle created by him has ever been documented.

Throughout the centuries volvelles have been used for such diverse purposes as teaching anatomymaking astronomical predictions, creating secret code, and telling fortunes.

By another movable astrological book titled Cosmographia Petri Apiani had been published. In the following years, the medical profession made use of this format, illustrating anatomical books with layers and flaps showing the human body.

The English landscape designer Capability Brown made use of flaps to illustrate "before and after" views of his designs. While it can be documented that books with movable parts had been used for centuries, they were almost always used in scholarly works.

Pop Up Cards | Laser-Cut, 3D Greetings Cards | Temptation Gifts

A Compleat Treatise on Perspective is the earliest known commercially produced pop-up book since it contains three-dimensional paper mechanisms. The pop-ups are activated by pulling string and form geometric shapes used to aid the reader in understanding the concept of perspective.

It was not until the very late 18th century that these techniques were applied to books designed for entertainment, particularly for children.

Some of the first 3d pop up greeting cards and tab activated books were produced by Ernest Nister and Lothar Meggendorfer.

Beautiful 3D pop-up greeting cards that ignite your imagination!

These books were popular in Germany and Britain during the 19th century. The great leap forward in the field of pop-up books came in with the publication of the Daily Express Children's Annual Number 1 "with pictures that spring up in model form".


This was produced by Louis Giraud and Theodore Brown. Four more Daily Express Annuals followed and then Giraud setup his own publishing house, Strand Publications, this produced the groundbreaking series of Bookano books.

The Bookano books are considered the first, true pop-up books for children because the pop-ups can be viewed from a full degrees, not just the 3d pop up greeting cards side facing the viewer.


With so many different designs to suit any occasion and interest, it will be easy to find one that makes your message truly stand out. An Intricate Greeting card will ensure that the thought will be appreciated long after it is received. The details of every card are unique and interesting, they inspire wonder at how they are made.

When someone receives an Intricate 3d pop up greeting cards card which has been chosen to match their personality or interests, it has real meaning and heart.

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