Can the 3 Knight Adamantine Lance formation be taken as my Primary detatchment in a Battle forged army and give warlord to one of the  [] - Knights Skitarii - Walkers. Pilots here are you Imperial Knight formations and detachments! pics via Atia on ~Speaking of which, where did the Adamantine Lance go? Formations, Data Slates, and Codex Detachments are all considered Example 7: The Adamantine Lance Formation requires multiple Imperial Knights and.


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Warhammer 40K: Highlander Tournament

All Battle Brother allies are treated as Allies of Convenience. Players MUST use the same army list throughout the tournament.

Fortifications are allowed in this event and will use the updated rules adamantine lance formation in Stronghold Assault.

Massive Fortifications are NOT allowed. That being said, units in armies such as Space Wolves, Dark Angels, Blood Angels, adamantine lance formation the like cannot be taken in this detachment. Allies[ edit ] As Imperial Knights are somewhat Battle Brothers[ edit ] Imperial Guard: Hellhounds make great hunting dogs for the Knights and guard also gives pretty decent air cover.

Adamantine Lance Question - Forum - DakkaDakka

They also provide the one thing you lack - large bodies of cheap, expendable wounds. Also Techpriests with servitors can repair Knights if they can manage to keep up. adamantine lance formation

Their ability to lay down fire and travel quickly adamantine lance formation them pretty good at keeping up with the knights and clearing away tarpits. Multiple Flavours of Power Armor: In general, the Space Marines can always benefit from an IK in combination with any tactics.


Blood Angels provide close combat rape Clan Raukaan: You won't slow down the knight, and unless it gets killed in one turn, it's going to be back up and running adamantine lance formation your next shooting phase.

Angels of Death Update: Grab two Librarians with Technomancy or a Adamantine lance formation and Bike Captain if you want bikes as troops and you can field up to 6 techmarines.

Adamantine Lance | - Miniatures Collectors Guide

Death from the skies: A new tactic from death from the skies is to take a air superiority detachment of two interceptors and adamantine lance formation your anti-air problem for about points.

Seriously, there is no reason not to take these guys. The Knight Paladin augments the Sister's limited long range options, while the Knight Errant can support the Sister's tank hunters with its thermal cannon and as melee deterrent.

Also, a cheap Cannoness on a Quad-gun can give the Adamantine lance formation valuable anti air coverage.


The Knight Paladin and its Battle Cannon benefit greatly from squads of Acolytes along with cheap access to Valkyries to save your ass from enemy fliers one of the few weaknesses of the Knights.

Due to the cheapness and less restrictive FOC of the Inquisition, they are your best bet for "filling in the holes" of your Knight army either by providing a cheap low-cost but effective primary detachment in lower point games so you can run a single Knight as an Allied Detachment, or by buying some cheap upgrades to fill in the holes at larger points, most notably at the and point marks.

Take an inquisitor and 3 units of henchmen, each adamantine lance formation a psyker and two acolytes. For under 80 points, you get a adamantine lance formation units that can hold back field objectives while you let your knights rip things to bits, and 3 denial dice, which will help you hopefully stop a crucial power or two from going off when you don't want it too.

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The new Dataslate doesn't adamantine lance formation too much to offer Knights, but a Vindicare can pick off virtually any kind of threat to your Knight from a big distance if your Knight somehow has trouble against it, Callidus and Eversor Assassins make good distractions because adamantine lance formation give the enemy a lot to worry about too.

Legion of the Damned: These guys are amazing for knights, a 10 man squad can drop in and kill a small infantry squad with ignores cover bolters, meaning those Pathfinders hiding behind an Aegis Defense Line are dead.


Provides a much needed small infantry killer squad. Take a 10 man with animus malorum and a 5 man with a melta and multimelta to get that basilisk in ruins.

Another good adamantine lance formation, especially if you like spamming fast-moving walkers who doesn't. Keep in mind that Skitarii don't need a lot of ranged help especially when it comes to anti-infantry, but vehicle bustin' and especially close combat are where they need the most help.

Use supporting guns for adamantine lance formation else that needs attention.

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