Fill af form static instantly, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile. No software. Try Now! Not understanding why Big Blue would put a locked document on epubs, but whatever. I've seen people unlock it, but I'm struggling hard to do  Midterm Feedbacks - New AF Form Write, fill out the AF Form Performance Feedback Worksheet.


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The responsibility of filling out the form is with the supervisor who rates the ratee. This rater can either type or handwrite the report.

Each completed form is meant to outline whatever issues were discussed throughout the feedback session. It would require a great deal of writing to record af form 931 aspect of a feedback session, so for the sake of practicality, raters are not expected to record every topic they discussed or word they said.

With that in mind, af form 931 should capture their key concerns from each session.

If the ratee is surprised by a low rating, they may later claim that whatever issue caused said low rating was not brought up af form 931 previous periodic feedbacks.

Performance Feedback Worksheets are used throughout the Air Af form 931 for Airmen of every classification. A ratee will first encounter the form during their initial assessment. Forms are used periodically after that. All Air Force trainees will experience feedback in the form of performance worksheets.


This worksheet is the documentation explaining that the feedback session existed. If a supervisor fails to file a performance worksheet, their ratee will never find out what rating they received.

The supervisor could also be af form 931 to disciplinary action for neglecting their paperwork.


Part I should feature the personal information of the ratee, including their name, rank, and unit. Part II defines the type of assessment.

AF PDF - PDFSimpli

Ratees must understand that, omission of an af form 931 from the form does not, by itself, constitute proof that the issue af form 931 not discussed. Section II, Types of Feedback. In the appropriate box, indicate whether the feedback is initial, midterm, ratee requested or rater directed.

The rater lists the ratee's specific duties. These entries include the most important duties and correspond to the job description used in the EPR.

Fill Out Your AF 931 PDF in Seconds with PDFSimpli.

Section IV, Performance Feedback. The rater addresses the same categories of performance as listed in the Enlisted Performance Report. How do you think you are performing in the unit?

How can your unit help you perform better? What are some of your af form 931 for self-improvement?

The Performance Feedback Worksheet, AF Form 931

Do you have personal family, financial, fitness, etc. Would you like to discuss? What are your professional assignments, academic, professional, etc.

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