Dougal Dixon's work of speculative anthropology blends science and fantasy in a stunning zoology of the future. Looking 50 million years into the future, this text. After Man: A Zoology of the Future is a book written by Dougal Dixon. He presents his thoughts on how geography will change 50 million years from now. Man After Man has ratings and 48 reviews. Nick said: This is the least scientifically plausible Dougal Dixon book I've read, but I still enjoyed its.


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: After Man: A Zoology of the Future : Dougal Dixon: Books

Pytherona predatory seal -like rat. Rabbucka giant hoofed deer -like descendant of rabbits. Some tropical species like the strank and the watoo filled the niches of past herbivorous mammals, such as after man dougal dixon and giraffes.

The picktooth is the most bizarre rabbuck, sporting two tusk-like teeth and a spur on both forelegs. RaboonCarnopapio spp.

They evolved a gait like those of predatory dinosaurs. Different types inhabit the savannas, from small active predators six feet tall after man dougal dixon monstrous scavengers over eight feet tall. Rapidea cheetah-like predatory rat Ravenea fox -like predatory rat.


This type comes in two forms: Reedstilta large horse-like fish-eating mammal. It has an elongated neck, sharp teeth, and slender hair-covered legs. Rootsuckera burrowing rodent with a shell made of compressed hair and a face plate. It burrows underground to feed on the after man dougal dixon of desert plants.

Man After Man: An Anthropology of the Future

Rufflea mountain -dwelling descendant of rabbits. It has short ears, long fur-covered legs, and short teeth for chewing moss.

  • After Man: A Zoology of the Future — Breakdown Press

Sand Flapjacka flat-tailed rodent that uses its tail to cool its body in its desert habitat. They build condensation traps, placing a pile of stones and twigs atop a burrow.

After Man: A Zoology of the Future

It collects dew and drips into a trap beneath. ShallothArboverspertilio apteryx, a sloth-like flightless bat from Batavia.


It is omnivorous and sometimes kills small animals with its sharp thumb claw. Once wings, its hand has a single separate digit and its other fingers have fused together.

After Man: A Zoology of the Future by Dougal Dixon

It spends much of its life hanging upside-down. Shrocka burrowing insectivorous mammal that resembles a badger.

Shurracka descendant of weasels that resembles a long-legged snow leopard. It hunts groaths in packs. Skerna flightless seal-like seabird.

After Man - Wikipedia

SlobberReteostium cortepellium, a marsupial sloth that attracts insects with drips of after man dougal dixon. Snorkea long-faced grazing antelope from Lemuria. Spine-Tailed Squirrela striped squirrel with quills lining its tail.

When threatened, it raises the tail and shields its body, spines outstretched.

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