Amnaya Stotram. November. ,. Post navigation. Kanakadhara StotramHaladharanujam. Share on. Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on. atha now; atah then; amnaya sutra-m the Amnaya-sutra; pravaksyamah we will speak. Srila Yamuna Muni (Sri Stotra-ratna, 99) explains: vapur-adisu yo 'pi. AmnAyastotram ||} atha rudrayAmalataH shivavirachitaM AmnAyastotram | shrInAthAdigurutrayaM gaNapatiM pIThatrayaM bhairavam | siddhaughaM.


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Any Information on Siddha Kunjika Stotram Please?

When a yogi unites that which is amnaya stotram and that which is below, he unites Sun and Moon, realises Om and is one with Hamsa. Hamsa, the tantra explains, relates to the breath. The letter Ha is exhalation and the letter Sa inhalation.


A living being jiva recites this supreme mantra known as the Ajapa mantra that which is not recited 21, times day and night. Amnaya stotram ajapa mantra is called the gayatri of yogis and and gives liberation. This, says the tantra, is the secret preparatory act before a mantra can become siddha.

There follows a meditation on Amnaya stotram where she is conceived of as light extending from the feet to the top of the head. A yogi or yogini should offer fruit, flower, scent, clothes, gems mentally to Kali again and again.

Niruttara Tantra

This, explains Shiva, is the preparatory act of the northern amnaya of Kali Kula. Shiva then allocates different forms of the Devi to the different directions and describes amnaya stotram purascharanas. A pashu, established in the southern amnaya should use the 22 syllable mantra and recite it two lakhs, half in the day and half at night.

Every tenth time, the worshipper must give amnaya stotram. Vira purashcharana is different. The sadhaka and his shakti should be naked in the cremation ground.

The AmnAya-krama for the dual worship of shArikA and tripurA | mAnasa-taraMgiNI

The shakti should have Amnaya stotram written on her forehead and in the centre of that should be the Devi mantra. The mantra should be recitedtimes and every tenth recitation should consist of an oblation amnaya stotram alcohol into fire.

If a sadhaka does not have a shakti, he can worship her mentally. Without doing preparatory acts, there is no entitlement to worship. Puja done without the preparatory acts makes black magic out of a person's recitation and sacrifice.

One is also to give gifts to the guru and to his shakti and his relatives.


Success in mantra cannot be achieved without supreme amnaya stotram. Chapter five speaks of the Rajani "the coloured or dark female"which here seems to mean the shakti of a sadhaka.

AmnAya stotram.h - dvAraka maTha

She should be free of shame, free of the amnaya stotram dvandvadevoted to Shiva, pure satva-gata and by her own will svecchaya takes the viparita posture in intercourse. A sadhaka may also meditate on her mentally, as a mass of light in the brow.

In this supreme form she sheds nectar. She should also be meditated upon as Gayatri in the form of exhalation and inhalation.

This, says Shiva, is the Brahma Gayatri of yogis. To obtain success, a amnaya stotram must reject greed, lust and envy.

Sri Devi Khadgamala Stotram | Sri Santhananda Swamigal – Download and listen to the album

If a yogi does puja prompted amnaya stotram these, he goes to the Raurava Hell and becomes miserable. He is to reject the idea of difference and then achieves liberation.

No-one should worship Kali if hungry or thirsty. That brings sorrow 'at every step' amnaya stotram a person goes to Naraka Hell.

One should not worship Kalika if lazy, as that will bring an amnaya stotram to the level of a pashu beast.

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