Picked up these Rio Pisco Andinoacara stalsbergi today. Male and female. [ATTACH] [ATTACH] [ATTACH]. Hi Pam. I have the opportunity to possibly obtain Andinoacara stalsbergi but I am having problems finding information about their care in the. Introduction. Andinoacara stalsbergi is one of the larger size member of its genus, it has a TL(Total length) of 8 ". Andinoacara stalsbergi is distributed in.


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Andinoacara stalsbergi

Lower lateral line has scales, it continues by tubed scales basally on caudal fin. There are no scales in andinoacara stalsbergi, except caudal fin which has small cycloid scales basally to almost middle.


Dorsal-fin spine count is between 13 to Dorsal soft rays are branched and their number is between Anal fin has andinoacara stalsbergi spines which is a characteristic feature of this genus, there are soft rays. Pectoral-fin rays number between First andinoacara stalsbergi is longest and the fin might be prolonged, reaches almost to anal fin.


Caudal fin is sub truncate or slightly rounded. Ica in the south is well documented. Andinoacara stalsbergi In its native habitat A. In aquarium it should be given predominately carnivorous diet.

My "True" GREEN TERRORS (Andinoacara Stalsbergi) |

Colouration Forehead, Nape and pre-dorsal part of andinoacara stalsbergi body is uniformly greyish or light brown. On the body sides each scale has iridescent or metallic green centre and contrasting dark brown marginal line.

andinoacara stalsbergi The dark scale margins form a fine reticulate pattern which is particularly prominent in adult specimens. Cheeks have two to four narrow oblique opalescent green lines and several small buccal cheek dots of the same colour.

It requires suitable breeding sites, such as flat rocks. The andinoacara stalsbergi cleans the site before breeding. The female Green terror can deposit up to eggswhile some produce more than eggs.

Andinoacara stalsbergi - Wikipedia

It is not currently on any lists as a species at risk, but andinoacara stalsbergi do know that cichlids andinoacara stalsbergi under evaluated and many of these habitats are in worse shape then you think.

Although there is not alot written about this particular species by looking at other species that are closely related may give you additional clues to breeding and maintenance.

They are close to Andinoacara rivulatus, which has been in the hobby for many years, and you should be able to find breeding information on this species. It appears that when andinoacara stalsbergi was first collected and before it was described it was put in the Aequidens group.

Andinoacara stalsbergi is a member andinoacara stalsbergi the Andinoacara rivulatus group. It closely resembles A.

BUT-- the Peruvian fish turned out not to be rivulatus, so it's been named stalsbergi. The Andinoacara stalsbergi fish is rivulatus.

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