1 Atlas Shrugged, Part 1. CHAPTER ONE: THE THEME. Section Part 1, Chapter 1, Section 1; Section Part 1, Chapter 1, Section 2; Jump to Plot - Plot[edit]. See also: List of Atlas Shrugged characters. As the novel opens, protagonist Dagny Taggart, the Operating Vice President of  Pages‎: ‎ (first edition). Oops! You Encountered the Following Error: The Page you're looking is currently down. We apologize for this inconvenience. Please try again shortly. Until then.


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Though Francisco disregards him as an irrelevant object, rather than a person, the evil which Taggart represents will be an obstacle. When Dagny was sixteen she began working as a night-operator at the Rockdale Station of Taggart Transcontinentalmuch to her mother's chagrin.

Her mother was worried that Dagny showed no interest in boys, or in feminine things in general. Atlas shrugged synopsis decided to throw Dagny a coming atlas shrugged synopsis party at the Wayne-Falkland Hotel.

Atlas Shrugged/Synopsis/Chapters - Wikibooks, open books for an open world

Dagny loved the idea, and stepped into the ball with the eager expectation of finding people who were as filled with joy as Francisco, but instead she found they were lifeless fools who believed that it was the lighting that made things brilliant, the decorations that made things happy.

In later years Dagny would discover her vision of the future was mistaken in the same way, and she would often think back to this party and wonder why people seemed incapable of living life in joy, why they lived instead with a constant undertone of fear and unhappiness. This atlas shrugged synopsis also the first time atlas shrugged synopsis John Galt's name is mentioned.

Paul wonders who he is.

Atlas Shrugged/Synopsis/Chapters 1-5

Paul doesn't want Henry to be hurt, but Orren and Wesley betray Henry without looking back. Boyle wants to pass a law limiting the number of business that a single person may have, but to make sure that atlas shrugged synopsis law gets approved, he asks James for money; in exchange, the investigation about the Granby accident will be scrapped.

Everybody looks at him and whispers his name. He is a rich heir atlas shrugged synopsis bon-vivant playboy.

Paul leaves the meeting. James looks at Francisco, surrouned by beautiful girls who want to have their photographs taken with him.


Dagny looks for a contractor to rebuild the Colorado line. James is furious when he learns that Dagny has scrapped his plans of building atlas shrugged synopsis railroad onto Mexico; he leaves her office in anger.

Atlas Shrugged - Wikipedia

Right afterwards, a blond employee Ethan Cohn enters the office to present his resignation alleging personal atlas shrugged synopsis she is distraught, because she thought of giving him a promotion and making him responsible for a whole area. He doesn't want to say for whom he's gonna work afterwards, but he says it won't be for any rival railroad company.

She tries offering him a lot of money, but he refuses point blank. He decided to tell her only because he had promised her to give her notice atlas shrugged synopsis advance when she gave him his first job.

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  • Synopsis of the Plot of Atlas Shrugged

When she presses on for a reason, he just whispers, "Who is John Galt? Dagny is worried, drinking by herself.

She phones Henry, talking about the dissapearance of several efficient men.

Atlas Shrugged: Part I - Plot Summary - IMDb

Henry was also sleepless, having a cold relationship with his wife. Richard McNamara Jack Milo is at the train station, waiting from somebody from the Taggart Transcontinental to pick him up. He is stopped by somebody who offers him to have part on a atlas shrugged synopsis based atlas shrugged synopsis individual achievement.

Jimmy proposes to take the flag of caring for the general wellness, but instead getting the competition out of Colorado.

Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

He is praised as "behaving as a politician". News of the Mexico government, who has just nationalized all gold mines. Francisco and the Taggart Transcontinental have lost billions. Atlas shrugged synopsis a corporate meeting, James says that he has saved the company billions by letting only a train a day running towards Mexico.

Eddie is the one who spreads the news.

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