In the middle of the second century AD, Aulus Gellius wrote a twenty-book compendium of miscellaneous For a detailed discussion of Gellius' career, cf. Aulus Gellius was a scholar of the 2nd century CE who lived in Rome apart from a visit to Greece, the author of a miscellany in twenty books. Aulus Gellius, (flourished 2nd century ad), Latin author remembered for his miscellany Noctes Atticae (“Attic Nights”), in which many fragments of lost works are.


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This attitude towards miscellany, however, shares much with Aulus gellius and Plutarchan attitudes towards the allurements of learning, and especially the miscellaneous endeavor.


Despite the traditional evaluation of Aelian as a aulus gellius compiler, a aulus gellius reading of his statements reveals a creative figure in his own right, drawing freely from both Greek and Latin traditions of miscellany.

Life[ edit ] The only source for the life of Aulus Gellius is the details recorded in his writings. He attended the Pythian Games in the year[2] and resided for a considerable period in Athens. How wittily Socrates responded to his wife Xanthippe when she asked him to spend more money on feasting during the Festival of Dionysus.

Aulus Gellius | Latin rhetorician |

Concerning miraculous occurrences among the barbarian peoples. About dire and dangerous enchantments; also aulus gellius stories of women who were suddenly changed into men.

What Aristotle related concerning the number of offspring in a single labor The penalty inflicted by the plebeian aediles on the daughter of Appius Caecus, a noble woman, because she spoke too arrogantly aulus gellius Concerning the rituals of the priest and priestess of Jupiter, including the words from the praetor's edict in which he says he will not force either aulus gellius Vestals or the priest of Jupiter to take oaths Edited by Ward Briggs, 26— A brief overview for the general reader.

An Antonine scholar and his achievement.


Attempts to be comprehensive in its coverage of facts and probabilities. A revision and expansion of Aulus Gellius Chapel Hill: Uh Oh There aulus gellius a problem with your submission.

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