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Reliefne oblike gorskega krasa srednjih geograf skih irin: Razmiljanja, trendi in raziskovalni problemi Raziskave reliefnih oblik visokega krasa se zanejo v Avtogeni trending od takrat so zanje znailna obdobja stagnacij in obdobja napredkov.

Za prvo obdobje je znailno spoznavanje znailnih morfolokih tipov, kot avtogeni trending npr. Kasneje so reliefne oblike srednjih irin primerjali z oblikami drugih klimatskih con, predvsem tropskega in sub tropskega krasa.


V zadnjih desetletjih so objavljene tevilna dela, ki temeljijo na morfometriji, raziskavah zapolnitev in avtogeni trending razvoja krakih reliefnih oblik.

Ugotavljajo, da razvoj krakih reliefnih oblik v srednjih geografskih irinah ni zgolj posledica kemine erozije, avtogeni trending pa tudi drugih procesov preperevanja, kot so npr.


Pregled sodobne literature kae, da veina raziskav krasa poteka na drugih podrojih, kot so speleogeneza, hidrogeologija, sedimentologija, geokemija, mineralogija, ne navadne reliefne oblike.

Le malo del se posvea krakim re liefnim oblikam, med temi pa so redka dela, ki obravnavajo celoten nabor oblik v kraki morfoloki enoti.

Reliefne oblike lahko obravnavamo z razlinih vidikov, kot avtogeni trending primer: A le ce losten pogled na povrinske reliefne oblike v neki morfoloki enoti bo prinesel napredek v razumevanju. Avtogeni trending interdisciplinarne tudije, ki temeljijo na modernih metodah, bodo prinesle nove izzive tako na podroju krasoslovja, kot tudi ire v vedah avtogeni trending okolju.

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Avtogeni trending the beginning, the elementary morpho-types were recognized, in particular the circular closed depression dened as the karst doline. Later the mid-latitude karst forms were compared with those of other climatic zones, especially tropi cal humid karst.

In recent decades many papers have been pub lished on the morphometry, avtogeni trending llings, and models of the evo lution of the surface karst landforms.

It has been emphasized that in the mid-latitude karsts the morphogenesis is the result not only of karst solution but also of several other weathering processes such as cryoclastic frost action and other perigla cial processes.

Examination of the main scientic journals dealing with karst and avtogeni trending geomorphology shows that pres ent day research in karst areas is mostly concerned with very specic subjects, such as speleogenesis, hydrogeology, sedi mentology, geochemistry, mineralogy, cave biology, unusual landforms: In reality, it is evident that the surface landform complex in a karst morpho-unit has to be considered in its entirety and that only such an integrated approach to this complex entity may bring signicant progress in understand ing.

Such comprehensive studies carried avtogeni trending by multiand inter -disciplinary research teams applying the most mod ern techniques and methodologies will present stimulating challenges not only for progress in karstology but also in all the environmental sciences.

In the early development of karst studies the analy sis of the surface landforms has been supercial in many respects.


Such concepts have been applied to karst avtogeni trending since the s, especially by the German School, and have led to stimulating progress in the study of karst relief Lehmann In particular, a simplied model of the typical re lief of the mid-latitudes karst, the so-called classical karst that refers to the Carso of Trieste and the Slovene Karst plateau, was compared with typical karst areas of other climatic zones, especially with those of the humid tropical zones.

At approximately the same time the rst quantitative analyses and models of the rates of the karst denudation processes were undertaken Corbel Avtogeni trending studies have increased the awareness that each area of karst relief is a very complex entity, dier ent from any other in many features, and that it is nearly impossible to obtain a comprehensive understanding of such entities, even with very specic research avtogeni trending.

Even an interdisciplinary research program on a particu lar karst geo-ecosystem carried on for years by a large team of researchers, will only result in a preliminary overview, preliminary models and provisional conclu sions, a kind of state of the art report on that specic study that is still open to new improvements.

Acta carsologica

In international geomorphological journals such as Geomorphology and Zeitschri fr Geomophologie, the papers on karst topics are mostly related to the surface geomorphology but here also there are only a few holistic studies of all of the landforms comprising the karst morpho-unit.

As a result it is evident that most karst researchers are accustomed to making specic studies of the spele ology, or speleogenesis, hydrogeology, sedimentology, geochemistry, mineralogy, cave biology, unusual land forms etc. A possible explana tion of this is the fact that most karst researchers have not been exposed to a serious programme of geomor phological studies avtogeni trending their training, and also that study of a geomorphological assemblage of forms in a selected morphotectonic avtogeni trending is oen avoided because it is much more problematic than the study of a single form.

In its rst part this paper oers reections on the specicity of surface landforms of the midlatitude karsts from a geomorphological prospective, and in the second part it highlights the problems and the possible evolution in future karst research on the topic, stressing comprehension of the holistic karst system in its spatial and temporal dimensions and complexity.

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In particular, periglacial and gla cial processes have been more eective during the cold periods of the Pleistocene avtogeni trending were responsible for dis mantling the positive forms and depositing their debris inside the depressions Boi et al. In periglacial environments in mid-latitude moun avtogeni trending, cryoclastic weathering acts less as a morphogenetic agent and more as an antagonist of avtogeni trending morphogenesis: At this point it is fundamental to stress the in fluence of the lithology on the evolution of the land forms.

Some limestones are very resistant to cryo clastic weathering i.

Some beds split into large fragments, others into medium or small sizes.

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