Thread Specification - BSPT & BSPP (BS21). TECHNICAL DATA. BSPT male threads seal against threads of fixed BSPT female. Contact is made on the. There are two types of BSP threads; - Parrallel (BSPP) - also known as G or Rp - Tapered (BSPT) - also know as R or Rc. Both threads have the same pitch. Threads according BSi - British Standard Institute - BS 21 "Specification for Common symbols used for the thread: BSP, BSPP, BSSPI, BSPF, BSPG, PS, Rp, G.


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The "G" is from the German "Gewinde" meaning "Thread".

They can be tapered or parallel, the parallel threads are sealed with an o ring, gasket or some times with a lock nut and sealant. Like all pipe threads the bspp thread dimensions dimension is the bore of the pipe, while the OD of the pipe is larger.

British Standard Pipe - Wikipedia

If necessary they can be mated successfully with the use of loctite or similar. EnglishMuffin Mechanical 22 Dec 03 bspp thread dimensions But I stand ready to be corrected.

This is described in the Machinery's Handbook.

If a BSP thread is shown, it is generally understood to be the parallel thread. Sealing is accomplished with a bonded washer. A well-known trade bspp thread dimensions is the "Dowdy" washer.

Schlebb EnglishMuffin Mechanical 23 Dec 03 I'm glad my memory is bspp thread dimensions up. For example, many pressure systems onboard ships use BSPP adapters while many applications in the oil and gas industry use NPT fittings. While one sealing style is not inherently better than another each style has its application.

They seal due to the "out of roundness principle" which means that the male stretches the female fitting until there is so much force bspp thread dimensions the connection can hold pressure.

BSP Sizes conversion to millimetres |

One of the challenges with this design is that if you connect bspp thread dimensions steel to stainless steel then over-tightening or poor lubrication can cause gauling and damage to the threads.

Thread sealant is needed to seal but only 2 turns of thread sealant is required.


Whether you are an engineer who knows the exact type of thread you need or a purchaser who needs help making a selection, The Manifold Center can help make your purchase go bspp thread dimensions. If you are looking for G thread port manifolds, R thread port manifolds, or another type, we can customize our offerings bspp thread dimensions fit your job.

We are also experienced at working with many different types of materials, both metals and plastics.

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