Buderus Ecomatic er Modul M / 25 EURO Inzahlungnahme Buderus Ecomatic Modul M Garantie 2 Jahre Inzahlungnahme 20€. New high efficiency Buderus furnace and hot water heater. Central a/c and vacuum, two car garage are some of the features of this meticulously maintained. Übersetzungsliste List o Übersetzungsliste List of translations Liste des traductions Pos Description 25 26 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36


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You'll have to write the ticket uniquely encountered problems with the product, indicating much detail as possible. Within 48 hours one of our technicians will contact with you via the support center, and it will show you possible solutions to the problem, not to send the item to the service buderus m006.

Much of the software problems that are reported to buderus m006, in fact, are simply solved by the reset of the devices or other software devices.

Buderus Module M S08 for hot water

We do everything possible to buderus m006 the return, and we prefer that the matter be resolved directly by the customer, under our guidance In case the technician finds that it is impossible to solve the problem on your part, It will ask you to send the device, giving you all the instructions for the reshipment.

Normally the shipping is paid by the customer, and can be carried by courier, with buderus m006 post office, etc.

It will be the customer to decide how to send us the product to the address indicated.


When our service center will receive your product you will receive an email notification. At this point it will begin the buderus m006 of repairing under warranty, which takes place using these steps: The product is tested by our technicians to see the fault reported by the customer.

In most cases, the repair of the appliance is carried buderus m006 on site, directly from our buderus m006 center, with a relatively short time weeks. These schedules are subject to change if they were to be the spare parts available necessary to repair.

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In any case, you can always ask for detailed information writing on the support ticket you previously opened. In the case in which after the control by the technicians should not be encountered failures to the device, we will refund the same to the client, which in this case buderus m006 pay the buderus m006 costs for the return.

In special cases, and depending of the fault or of buderus m006 articles, we may not buderus m006 able to repair the on-site equipment.

In this case, after a first attempt to repair without success, we will return the product to the manufacturer for repair under warranty. In this case, the times increase considerably, and for the repair may take 8 to 10 weeks.

Buderus Module M Domestic Hot Water Temperature Control Ecomatic | eBay

Once repaired the product, you Vera notified, and you will be sent a detailed report of the repairs carried out on the device by technicians. Buderus m006 a test phase, we will proceed to buderus m006 return of the terminal, at our expense.


Others Informations about Warranty. Do not fall under warranty accessories which could be: Buderus m006 still be replaced if present manufacturing defects within 3 days of delivery buderus m006 reporting by the buyer.

Do not fall within the terms of the apparatus main parts warranty defective by the customer For example, a broken display. If there is the possibility of finding spare parts necessary, however, we will repair the device under the performance fee, spare parts, and shipping costs for the return.

EUROBRICO electrité chauffage

Do not fall under warranty items buderus m006 have been damaged by third, that disfunzionano for wear or ill use. In our buderus m006 we are of IP68 products. This certification guarantees the impermeability of the device in certain conditions.

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