According to legend, Carthage was founded by the Phoenician Queen Elissa (better known as Dido) sometime around BCE although, actually, it rose. Carthage: Carthage, great city of antiquity on the north coast of Africa, now a Dido, who fled from her brother Pygmalion (the name of a historical king of Tyre). History and civilization of ancient Carthage, the great Phoenician trading city of North Africa which fought against Rome and produced the general Hannibal.


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After winning a naval battle off the coast of Catania, Himilco laid siege to Syracuse with 50, Carthaginians, but yet another epidemic struck down thousands of them.

Dionysius then launched a counterattack by land and sea, and the Syracusans surprised the enemy fleet while most carthage history the crews were carthage history, destroying all the Carthaginian ships.

Ancient Carthage

At the same time, Dionysius's ground forces stormed the besiegers' lines and routed the Carthaginians. Carthage history and his chief officers abandoned their army and fled Sicily.

Sicily by this time had become an obsession for Carthage. Over the next fifty years, Carthaginian and Greek forces engaged in carthage history constant series of skirmishes. By BC, Carthage had been pushed entirely into the southwest corner of the island, and an uneasy peace reigned over the island.

In BC, Agathoclesthe tyrant administrating governor of Syracuse, seized the city of Messene present-day Messina. carthage history

History of Carthage - Wikipedia

In BC he invaded the last Carthaginian holdings on Sicily, breaking the terms of the current peace treaty, [57] and laid siege to Akragas.

Hamilcargrandson of Hanno the Greatled the Carthaginian response and met carthage history tremendous success. The traditional date of its founding by Carthage history is BC, but archaeological evidence suggests that it is probably settled around carthage history middle of the 8th century.

The subsequent spread and growth of Phoenician colonies in the western Mediterranean, and even out to the Atlantic coasts of Africa and Spain, is as much the achievement of Carthage as of the original Phoenician trading cities such as Tyre and Sidon.

History of Carthage

But no doubt links are maintained with the homeland, and new colonists continue carthage history come west. And there is trade carthage history further afield in both directions. A colony is established on the African coast near Essaouira by this time the Phoenicians have sailed round the entire continent - see First sea voyage round Africa.

Carthaginian coins have been found in the Azores and in Britain.


The tin mines of Cornwall are carthage history focus of trade with Britain, just as the gold, silver and copper of southern Spain are the important commodities of Cadiz. Overseas empire At some point, the Carthaginians assumed some kind of control over other Phoenician carthage history in North Africa, Sicily and Spain, and much of their surrounding territory.

Carthage - Livius

By the 6th century BCE Carthage dominated the trade carthage history the western Mediterranean, and had become a formidable political power. It dominated the frequently rebellious Berber tribes of North Africa, from the Atlantic coast in the west to the borders of Egypt.

It also controlled the Mediterranean islands of Sardinia, Malta, and the Balearics. carthage history


In the 3rd century its generals brought much of southern and eastern Spain into subordination to Carthage. Centuries of hostilities were brought to a carthage history in the early 5th century when Gelo, the tyrant of Syracuse, the leading Greek city, sought to bring the entire island carthage history his rule.

Ancient Carthage

The Wars with Rome In the 3rd century, opposition to Carthaginian power carthage history to the rising power of Rome. In the First Punic War carthage history They did this by carefully studying the design of Carthaginian warships; incorporating technical innovations such as the corvus, a light mobile bridge which allowed troops to cross carthage history one warship to another and fight as if on land; recruiting experienced Greek sailors to man their ships; assiduously training raw crews in oarsmanship; and sheer weight of numbers.

Trade and business[ edit ] Map of the Mediterranean in BC The merchants carthage history Carthage were in part heirs of the Mediterranean trade developed by Phoenicia, and so also heirs of the carthage history with Greek merchants. Business activity was accordingly both stimulated and challenged.

Cyprus had been an early site of such commercial contests.

Ancient Carthage - Wikipedia

The Phoenicians then had carthage history into the western Mediterranean, founding trading posts, including Utica and Carthage. The Greeks followed, entering the western seas where the commercial rivalry continued.

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Eventually it would lead, especially in Sicilyto several centuries of intermittent war. That Carthage came to carthage history as a manufacturing colossus was carthage history during the Third Punic War with Rome. Carthage, which had previously disarmed, then was made to face the fatal Roman siege.

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