Codependents Anonymous (CoDA) is a step group that is open to anyone who struggles with developing and maintaining functional relationships with. Co-Dependents Anonymous (CoDA) is a twelve-step program for people who share a common desire to develop functional and healthy relationships. The first. People who self-identify as 'codependent' say they habitually put the needs of others over their own.


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  • San Diego County CoDA Welcome
  • Patterns and Characteristics -
  • 'Childhoods of trauma'
  • What to Expect at a Codependents Anonymous Meetings

That leads to an enabling of the addiction. But some mental-health service providers are wary of codependent anonymous "codependency" concept.

It's not included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders as a personality disorder, in part because it's so vague. And some have argued that it pathologizes codependent anonymous behaviour.

Codependents Anonymous

Codependent anonymous Calderwood, director of Trent University's social work department, warns that the "codependency" label could do more harm than good. Courtesy of Kim Calderwood "I codependent anonymous want to ever come across as suggesting that there is something wrong with what the individual is doing," Kim Calderwood, director of Trent University's social work department, said of people who attend CoDA meetings.

Everybody deals with things differently. Further, she says it risks stigmatizing normal responses to difficult circumstances.

Codependents Anonymous | What to Expect in a Support Group

codependent anonymous They become hyper-vigilant, constantly on high alert and waiting for the next trauma to happen. They remain loyal to people who have done little or nothing to earn their loyalty.

The Codependents Anonymous website adds other characteristics, including: A pattern of denial about their own participation as codependent anonymous enabler or rescuer.

A need to rescue, enable, or take care of another person who would be better served codependent anonymous facing their own consequences.

Suppression of emotions to avoid feeling vulnerable. Feelings of worthlessness and a sense of being unlovable. If you have a spouse who codependent anonymous substances or who engages in some form of addictive behavioryou may be at risk of experiencing codependence.

codependent anonymous

12 Steps of Co-Dependents Anonymous

Likewise, if you are an adult child of an alcoholic, you may have codependent characteristics. If you grew up in any type of family situation in which one or more parent had a disorder that impaired their ability to be a responsible, nurturing adult, you may be at risk of being codependent.

Substance abuse need not be present to experience codependence. A parent who is unable to provide necessary care to maintain your health and safety puts you at risk. Families in which an adult exhibits some of the following behaviors create increased risk for codependency: In a dysfunctional family, you often learn to stifle your emotions and come to believe that your codependent anonymous are unimportant compared to that of the dysfunctional family member.

You may have been forced to step codependent anonymous the role of a parent at an early age, and in doing so, the idea that you should be seen and not heard and only please others may have become engrained and followed you ever since.

It is not uncommon when you leave the dysfunctional nest to seek a partner who is emotionally impaired. In your first codependent anonymous relationship, for instance, you might choose someone who mirrors your dysfunctional parent on some level.

Whether the significant other struggles with addiction, behavioral health problems, or domestic violence, you agree to stick with them.

Codependents Anonymous

In time, you experience the same feelings of abandonment, mistrust, hurt, shame, and guilt codependent anonymous you felt in your family of origin. Then, in your efforts to make things work, you become angry, controlling, or manipulative.

Literature is not available for purchase at the codependent anonymous level until we replace the literature chair, but can be bought directly from coda.


If interested in being of service and filling this position, the literature chair is responsible codependent anonymous ordering literature from the national literature resources and then making that literature available to individual meetings in San Diego every month at the community meeting.

It is a very important position for the community! For codependent anonymous on how to become the new chair, contact Travis R at sdcodaliterature gmail.

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