Population: The global population size has not been quantified, but this species is described as 'uncommon' (Stotz et al. ). Trend Justification: The  ‎Taxonomy · ‎Assessment Information · ‎Geographic Range. Transfer Piculus rubiginosus and P. rivolii from Piculus to Colaptes to be closely related to Colaptes atricollis of western Peru; the rubripileus group is worthy of. Come and visit our brand new website that offers direct access to the latest UK and Ireland bird news and photos.


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Each species entry is completed by an accurate colour range map. A sister colaptes atricollis Owls of the World in the Helm Photographic Guides series, Woodpeckers of the World is colaptes atricollis informative, fact-filled and beautifully illustrated guide to a group beloved by all birders.

Most members of the genus Colaptes share the states exhibited by the Chloronerpes group.

File:Black-necked Woodpecker (Colaptes atricollis).jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Genus Colaptes, the "flickers," are a group of woodpeckers that were formerly placed in several genera, now considered subgenera following Short a: Chrysoptilus Swainson type species C. Interestingly, he repeatedly conceded the similarity, and hence close relationship, between the Chrysoptilus colaptes atricollis flickers" and the Piculus woodpeckers, particularly the Colaptes atricollis group.

By modern phylogenetic and systematic standards, to suggest a close relationship between certain taxa placed in two genera but without including both genera in their entirety is to suggest colaptes atricollis. However, Colaptes atricollis and Greenfield do not make clear if their Chrysoptilus contained melanochloros and atricollis as well as punctigula.

dictionary :: black necked flicker [Colaptes atricollis] :: English-German translation

Among plumage characters, the only obvious character that seems to separate the Chloronerpes group from Colaptes flickers appears colaptes atricollis be the lack of barring on the back.

However, some individuals of P. Thus, this character seems a far colaptes atricollis reason for separation. In fact, based on voice, plumage pattern, and biogeography, I predict that the trans-Andean rubripileus group including Colombian gularis will be found to be closely related to Colaptes atricollis of western Peru; the rubripileus group is worthy of additional taxonomic study, as it may warrant specific separation from rubiginosus.

Colaptes atricollis | Black-necked Woodpecker. Mirador de Ch… | Flickr

It is the state colaptes atricollis of Alabama and the state's nickname is the 'Yellowhammer State'. Northern FlickerColaptes auratus. The binomen species name means "gilt" gilded.

The species name chrysoides means "like gold".


Fernandina's FlickerColaptes atricollis fernandinae, an endangered bird native to Cuba. Avibase taxonomic concepts current: Black-necked Woodpecker nominate Colaptes atricollis atricollis Avibase taxonomic concepts v.

Black-necked Woodpecker nominate Colaptes atricollis atricollis Clements 5th edition as colaptes atricollis Colaptes atricollis atricollis [version 1] Clements 5th edition incl. Colaptes atricollis atricollis [version 1] Clements 6th edition:

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