Dars -e- Tirmidhi. 3 Volumes: Shaykh Mufti Taqi Usmani: Books - Dars e Tirmidhi. Of. Sheikh ul Islam. Maulana Hussain Ahmad Madni ra. Compiler: Maulana Afzal ul Haq Qasmi Azmi ra. Download. Small Size. Based on Shaykh Mufti Taqi Usmani's notes in the introduction to Dars Tirmidhi (1/), compiled by Waqar Gulam Dastaguir (student of Jami'ah Uloom.


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The principles themselves are detailed very lengthily in the Urdu language. However they have been simplified here so they may be understood by those who are not too familiar with the hadith dars tirmidhi. They are seven as follows: Principle 1 — Dars tirmidhi is a sahih hadith?

Dars e Nizami Dora e Hadith 8th Year Urdu Shuroohat دورہ حدیث اردو شروحات

A hadith is classed as sahih if it meets the above five conditions, as outlined. Some erroneously think that only the hadiths in Sahih al-Bukhari and Sahih Muslim known dars tirmidhi as the Sahihayn are sahih, or that all sahih hadiths have been covered in them.

The authenticity of a hadith is not based on which book it is in, dars tirmidhi on the fulfilment of the above five conditions.

Imam Bukhari himself mentions that his book does not cover all the sahih hadiths. In fact, some hadiths in other dars tirmidhi are more authentic than some of those found in the sahihayn — dars tirmidhi are in the Sunan of Imam ibn Majah.


Only the elite mujtahidun are able to do this. However, the mainstream scholars dars tirmidhi of the opinion that the ability to qualify a hadith does not depend on the era of a muhaddith; rather it depends dars tirmidhi his knowledge. This is a more accepted approach since the scholars who took on this task later on were the ones most famous for it.


Imam Anwar Shah al-Kashmiri, who passed away less than a century agowas also considered to be at this level. Principle 3 dars tirmidhi Scholars can disagree about the authenticity of a particular hadith Since classifying hadiths is based on the independent research of each scholar, sometimes we find dars tirmidhi opinions of expert scholars mujtahids regarding the authenticity of a particular narrator or hadith.

It is dars tirmidhi matter of ijtihad; hence no scholar can be condemned or rebuked for his position.

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Moreover, when an expert Imam mujtahid uses a particular hadith as proof for a ruling, it dars tirmidhi that he believes it to be worthy enough to be used as a proof.

It would be wrong, in such an instance, to present the opinion of another expert scholar and say that the hadith is not worthy of being used as a proof, since both are experts mujtahids.

dars tirmidhi

Dars e Tirmidhi Of Maulana Hussain Ahmad Madni ra

However, a weakness in the chain of narration could have appeared as it progresses past this Imam. Imam ibn al-Salah, the renowned hadith expert, states in his Muqaddima that just because a hadith is given the status dars tirmidhi being sahih, it does not necessitate that in actual fact it is undeniably sahih.

It dars tirmidhi means that from a technical aspect in terms of fulfilling the five conditions, the hadith is sahih and therefore it is most likely that it will be sahih in actual terms as well.

However, there remains a possibility that even a hadith considered as sahih may not actually be as such, since a reliable narrator known as thiqa can also make a mistake.

Dars e Tirmidhi Of Maulana Hussain Ahmad Madni ra

If such strong proofs are found, it is perfectly acceptable to not act upon this sahih hadith. However, there remains a possibility that a non-authentic narrator has narrated the hadith correctly; nobody is dars tirmidhi every time.

But just like dars tirmidhi the sahih hadith, it is necessary to have strong indications and proofs to suggest that this hadith is acceptable.

This is the very same principle which Imam Abu Hanifa uses in many of his rulings. In addition to his busy schedule he is himself a mentor to numerous spiritual aspirants all over the world, such as Moulana Sheikh Mohammad Luqman Sahib Ji of the renowned Abu Bakr Trust in Walsall, England.

Usmani pioneered dars tirmidhi concept of Islamic banking in Pakistan when he established the Meezan Bank.

Dars e Tirmizi by Shaykh ul Islam Mufti Mohammad Taqi Usmani Sahib

Usmani has authored a number of books in Dars tirmidhi, Urdu, and English on Islamic topics in addition to a large number of articles on Islamic banking and finance published in a number of journals and magazines.

According to The Muslim website, he is a leading scholar of Islamic Finance, "Usmani's chief influence comes from his position as dars tirmidhi global authority on the issue of Islamic finance.


Usmani is currently a mentor to numerous spiritual aspirants all over the world and delivers weekly lectures on self-improvement at Darul Uloom Karachi on Sundays between Asr Salaah and Maghrib Salaah.

He was a key member of a team of scholars which helped declare Ahmadis non-Muslims by Pakistan's National Assembly during the era of former Pakistani president, Zulfikar Ali Bhuttoin the s.

During the presidency of General Zia ul Haqhe was instrumental in drafting laws pertaining to HudoodQisas meaning retaliation in kind or eye for an eyeand Diyya blood money.

Views[ edit ] Usmani strongly opposes elements of modernity, which he describes as engulfing "the whole dars tirmidhi in the tornado of nudity and obscenity, and has provided an excuse for fornication, and more so it has led under thunder claps to the passage of a bill in the British House of Commons dars tirmidhi legalize homosexuality.

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