Search the NorComp part number Series containing a DB37 connector, 37 pin d-sub connector, available in cable and board mount in both male and female. : Buy 3 Meters Male to Male 37 Pin DB37 Connector Extension Cable Gray online at low price in India on Check out 3 Meters Male to. Hi All, Is it possible for someone to help me out by providing a DB37 female connector.


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The DBW3 variant was commonly used for high-performance video connections; this variant provided 10 regular 20 pins db37 connector three coaxial contacts for the red, green, and blue video signals. They are common in SCSI attachments. It is about half the length of a D-sub and its db37 connector application is space-grade technology.

DB37 Female Connector - Solder | Jaycar Electronics

Typical applications[ edit ] D-sub connectors. The hexagonal pillars bolt at both ends of each connector have a threaded stud fastening the db37 connector to the metal panel. They also have threaded sockets to receive jackscrews on the cable shell, holding the plug and socket together.

Communications ports[ edit ] The widest application of D-subs is for RS serial communications, though the standard did not make this connector mandatory. RS devices originally used the DB25, but for db37 connector applications the less common signals were omitted, allowing a DE-9 to be used.

The standard specifies a male connector for terminal equipment and a female connector for modems, but many variations exist.


IBM PC-compatible computers tend to have male connectors at the db37 connector and female connectors at the modems.

Later Macintosh models use 8-pin miniature DIN connectors instead.

DB37 Solder Cup Connectors - Winford Engineering

Many uninterruptible power supply units have a DE-9F connector on them in order to signal to the attached computer via an RS interface. Often these do not send data serially to the computer but instead use the handshaking control lines to indicate low battery, power failure, or other conditions.

Such usage is not standardized between manufacturers and may require special cables. Db37 connector ports[ edit ] DE9 connectors were used for some token ring networks as well as other computer networks.

The Attachment Unit Interfaces that were used with 10BASE5 "thick net" in the s and s used DA15 connectors for connectivity between the Medium Attachment Units and Ethernet network db37 connector cardsalbeit with a sliding latch to lock the connectors together instead of db37 connector usual hex studs with threaded holes.


The sliding latch was intended to be quicker to engage and disengage and to work in places where jackscrews could db37 connector be used for reasons of component shape. DE-9 connectors are commonly used in CAN: Even though these all use the same DE9 connector, the displays cannot all be interchanged and monitors or video interfaces may be damaged if connected to db37 connector incompatible device using the same connector.

DE15 connectors are similar to DE9 connectors see above.

The earlier Apple IIgs used the same connector for the same purpose, but with an incompatible pinout. Game db37 connector ports[ edit ] The DE9 connector used on a variety of early home consoles and computers Starting in the late s the Atari game console used modified Db37 connector connectors male on the system, female on the controller for its game controller connectors.

DB37 Connector | 37 Pin D-Sub Connector

The Atari joystick ports had bodies entirely of molded plastic without the metal shield, and they omitted the pair of fastening screws. In the years following, various video game consoles db37 connector home computers db37 connector the same connector for their own game ports, though they were not all interoperable.

Some computers supported additional buttons, and on some computers additional devices, such as a computer mousea light penor a graphics tablet were also supported via the game port.

Unlike the basic db37 connector digital joysticks and the basic paddles, such devices were not typically interchangeable between db37 connector systems.


The ZX Spectrum lacked a built-in joystick connector of any kind but aftermarket interfaces provided the ability to connect DE9 joysticks.

NEC 's home computers e. Many Apple II computers also used DE9 connectors for db37 connector, but they had a female port on the computer and a male on the controller, used analog rather db37 connector digital sticks, and the pin-out was completely unlike that used on the aforementioned systems.

Sega switched to proprietary controller ports for the Saturn and Dreamcast.

16.0 DB37 (T7 Only) [T-Series Datasheet]

DA15S connectors are used for PC joystick connectors, where each DA15 connector supports two joysticks each with two analog axes and two buttons. In other words, one DA15S "game adapter" connector has 4 analog db37 connector inputs and 4 digital switch inputs.

Some joysticks with more than two axes or more than two db37 connector use the signals designated for both joysticks.

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