Dirty Hands. Jean Paul Sartre Dirty Hands. 1. The Burden of Existence Karsky: I saw your father last week. Would you still be interested in any news of him. Dirty Hands (French: Les mains sales) is a play by Jean-Paul Sartre. It was first performed on 2 April at the Theatre Antoine in Paris, directed by Pierre  Setting‎: ‎Illyria. In his play, Dirty Hands, Jean-Paul Sartre juxtaposes two men with conflicting views of political life. Hoederer, the party's chief, desires power to help him attain.


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The bomb Hugo is on the verge of pulling out his revolver and shooting Hoederer then and there, when a bomb goes off in the garden, shattering the window, throwing the characters to the floor.

Dirty hands jean paul sartre political leaders are ushered into a safe room, leaving Hugo, the bodyguards and a terrified Jessica. They wake a groggy Hugo and Olga tells him it was she who threw the bomb.

She came to finish the job off but botched it. Being blown up by the bomb would have done him a favour.


Olga leaves, climbing over the wall and escaping. He is over-thinking and over-imagining the deed. But Jessica is no Lady MacBeth; the opposite, she begs Hugo to reconsider and, instead of just murdering Hoederer, discuss the issues, arguing him dirty hands jean paul sartre of whatever it is that Hugo so vehemently opposes.

Having made certain, Hoederer makes as if to leave but Jessica jumps up before him.

The Little Dipper: "Dirty Hands" by Jean-Paul Sartre

Now, now is the time for Hugo to do it? For a moment we the audience and Hugo are flabbergasted: Hoederer explains Realpolitik to Hugo And this is the lead-in to a very enjoyable scene where Hoederer a explains dirty hands jean paul sartre political situation in Illyria b explains why a dirty hands jean paul sartre deal with the other parties is necessary c taunts Hugo with his naive intellectual purity.

When Hoederer has left, even Jessica can see that his arguments were right and, worse, that Hugo knows it, despite all his denials, despite his intention to stay true to his original mission, Hoederer converted him.

The Crushing of Eastern Europe Hence the need to enter power peaceably in a national coalition. Hoederer has suggested to the leaders of the Fascists and Bourgeois parties that they set up a national government with six on the fulling council and the Proletariat Party will have three of those delegates.

But, Hugo says, the Red Army will be across our borders in weeks: Because, my naive friend, replies Hoederer, they will still have to fight their way across the country and many will be killed; the Soviets will be blamed.

Because they Party will forever after be thought to have been imposed by a foreign power rather than rising up to dirty hands jean paul sartre the people.

Dirty Hands by Jean-Paul Sartre (1948)

Because, even for the national unity government, the country will be a wasteland when peace finally comes, difficult decisions about law and order will have to be taken; the Party can represent itself as a natural outgrowth of the nation and people, and can present itself as opposing these unpopular policies from within government.

With control of key industries it can slowly isolate the leaders of the other parties and wait till the time is dirty hands jean paul sartre to stage a coup.

Hugo hates all this because it is messy and unprincipled and yuk. Hoederer laughs at his naivety and bourgeois prissiness.

Dirty Hands by Jean-Paul Sartre (Book Analysis)

Hoederer knew it all along. Dirty hands jean paul sartre Hoederer toys with Hugo, continuing the discussion over whether Hugo has it in him to be an assassin or whether he is too much of an intellectual.

Whereas Hugo has too much imagination, can not only picture the dead body and the blood, but has grasped the political consequences, the cause of the Party set back, no single leader to dirty hands jean paul sartre the Red Army, its chance for power maybe irrevocably lost.

He deliberately turns his back and fixes a cup of coffee, while Hugo gets the gun out his pocket and holds it trembling, very obviously struggling with himself.

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