For example, the domain has a number of children, The only DNS configuration file for a DNS client is the /etc/ file, which  ‎Introduction to DNS · ‎Important File Locations · ‎Configuring Your. I believe if you want to override the DNS nameserver you merely add a line similar to this in your base file under d. Example. $ sudo vim  linux - How to find the DNS server configured in Ubuntu and. Change DNS settings on Linux. Open the file with an editor, such as nano, to make the necessary changes. If the file doesn't already exist, this command creates it: Add lines for the name servers that you want to use. Save the file. To ensure that your new settings are working, ping the domain name by.


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This may be acceptable in most cases, but if you forget to put the period after the domain in the MX record for my-site.

SPF TXT records are used by systems receiving mail to interrogate the DNS of the domain which appears in the email the sender and determine if the originating IP address of the mail the source is authorized to send mail for the sender's domain. Further description of the use of TXT records is beyond the scope of this book, but you should at least be aware that they can be up to dns configuration linux in dns configuration linux and that this feature is often exploited in distributed denial of service DDoS attacks.

Sample Forward Zone File Now that you know the dns configuration linux elements of a zone file, it's time to examine a working example for the domain my-site. In corporate environments there may be a separate name server for this purpose.

Linux - How do I set my DNS when is being overwritten? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

Primary name servers are more commonly called ns1 and secondary name servers ns2. The MX record for my-site. So here you have an example of dns configuration linux name server, and Web server being the same machine.

If they were all different machines, then you'd have an A record entry for each. When DNS is setup in a redundant configuration, the slave DNS servers periodically poll the master server for updated dns configuration linux file information, and use the serial number to determine whether the data on the master has been updated.


Failing to increment the serial number, even though the contents of the zone file have been modified, could cause your slaves to dns configuration linux outdated information.

Dns configuration linux may work in most cases, but some mail servers may refuse to send to you because of this. This is very important if you are running a mail server on your network, because sendmail typically relays mail only from hosts whose IP addresses resolve correctly in DNS.

Setup Master-Slave DNS Server Using "Bind" Tools in RHEL/CentOS

NFS, which is used in network-based file access, dns configuration linux requires valid reverse lookup capabilities. This is an example of a zone file for the All the entries in the first column refer to the last octet of the IP address for the network, so the IP address Notice how the main difference between forward and reverse zone files is that the reverse zone file only has PTR and NS records.

I included entries for addresses You may also want to create a reverse zone file for the public NAT IP addresses for your home network. Most home DSL sites wouldn't qualify.

Loading Your New Configuration Files Make sure your configuration files are in dns configuration linux correct locations and the serial numbers of the zone files you may have modified have been updated.


If all seems correct, restart BIND named daemon for the configuration to become active. The actual IP address of the server is You'll have to use NAT for Internet users to be able to gain access to the server via the chosen public IP address, namely If your firewall is a Linux box, you may want to consider taking a look at Chapter 14, " Dns configuration linux Firewalls Using iptables dns configuration linux, describes how to do the network address translation and allow DNS traffic through to your name server.

Fix Your Domain Registration Remember to edit your domain registration for my-site. Domain registrars, such as VeriSign dns configuration linux RegisterFree, usually provide a Web interface to help you manage your domain. Once you've logged in with the registrar's username and password, you'll have take two steps: This screen prompts you for both the server's IP address and name.

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