DO; ED RTCA/DO, Design Assurance Guidance for Airborne Electronic Hardware is a document  ‎Process overview · ‎Planning process · ‎Important considerations. DO and ED What is it and why should you care? If your designs are in any way safety critical then DO will be important to your business. Today, aviation safety agencies around the world mandate use of DO (ED in Europe) for airborne electronic hardware, primarily for PLD/FPGA/ASIC designs. If you're reading this paper, you are likely struggling to understand the DO specification1, what this standard means, what it takes to comply, and how.

DO 254 ED 80 EBOOK

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DO 254 ED 80 EBOOK

For additional DO answers please contact us or one of the services providers within our network or contact info dosite.

DO 254 ED 80 EBOOK

DO also known as DO, D and Eurocae ED is a formal avionics standard which do 254 ed 80 guidance for do 254 ed 80 assurance of airborne electronic hardware. DO provides certification information from project conception, planning, design, implementation, testing, and validation, including DO Tool Qualification considerations.

DO and DO are actually quite similar, with both having major contributions via personnel with formal hardware process expertise. Until recently, avionics hardware certification did not require the same strict avionics certification standards as did hardware via DO Today, avionics systems are comprised of both hardware and hardware, with each having near-equal effect upon airworthiness.

Now, most avionics projects come under a DO certification or compliance mandate.

DO Questions and Answers

Additional information can be found via formal DO training provided by the DO trainers within our Industry Group. For information on DO training options simply contact info dosite.

What is a DER? What is the added DO cost?

Our members can show how to minimize avionics hardware development costs info dosite. What are the DO do 254 ed 80 In addition to being necessary for flight products, DO benefits include: Can you apply DO reverse engineering to your existing hardware?

Yes, while DO applies principally to new, custom hardware, there do 254 ed 80 provisions to apply DO reverse-engineering to previously developed hardware, preserving most of the already completed work.

For information on DO reverse engineering, simply contact info dosite.

DO and ED What is it and why should you care? | InnoFour BV

Hardware development requires many tools including design tools, implementation generation tools, synthesis, simulation, libraries, test tools, and structural do 254 ed 80 tools.

DO tool qualification pertains to development and testing tools. Different qualification criteria apply to each and most tools do NOT need to be qualified. When required, DO tool qualification utilizes a subset of DO For information on DO Tool Qualification, simply contact info dosite. DO Gap Analysis is an evaluation of your current avionics do 254 ed 80 engineering process and artifacts as contrasted to those required by DO While DO was principally written to cover original, custom developed avionics hardware, there is recognition that previously developed hardware can be DO certified.

In many cases, particularly military avionics hardware, DO Compliance is used instead of DO certification.

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