Our safety and pharmacovigilance teams support clinical trial and post-marketing safety surveillance across the globe. With patient safety as the critical. PV / Drug Safety jobs are incredibly important in the development of new pharmaceutical drugs. If you are interested in this, CK Clinical can assist you. Our pharmacovigilance department supports our peri-approval clinical studies by offering drug safety reports and analyses for your phase IV clinical trial. We can.


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Our people possess strong academic backgrounds, comprising pharmacists, medical doctors, nurses and life-science graduates.

In recent years, pharmacovigilance legislation has become more stringent than ever, dramatically changing the game for compliance. Reporting needs to be significantly more robust and specialized, and as a result customers are increasingly outsourcing safety and pharmacovigilance services.

Automated safety report distribution system with pre-programmed drug safety and pharmacovigilance reporting requirements. Pharmacovigilance should operate in a culture of scientific development.

This requires the right balance of inputs from various disciplines, a stronger academic base, and greater availability of basic training, and resource which is dedicated drug safety and pharmacovigilance scientific strategy.

Some Major challenges face pharmacovigilance are as follows: The globalization of drug distribution and the increased exposure of massive populations to large volumes of medicines. Web-based sales and information: The Internet, in addition to drug safety and pharmacovigilance many benefits, has also facilitated the uncontrolled sale of medicines across national borders.


Drug information in all forms and with varying levels of accuracy is distributed internationally through this medium. Such information covers prescription drugs, unregistered medicines, highly controlled drug safety and pharmacovigilance and traditional and herbal medicines with questionable safety, efficacy and quality.

The scope of pharmacovigilance continues to broaden as the array of medicinal products grows. There is a realization that drug safety is more than the monitoring, detection and assessment of ADRs occurring under clearly defined conditions and drug safety and pharmacovigilance a specific dose range.

Rather, it is closely linked to the patterns of drug use within society. Problems resulting from irrational drug use, overdoses, polypharmacy and interactions, increasing use of traditional and herbal medicines with other medicines, illegal sale of medicines and drugs of abuse over the Internet increasing self medication practices substandard medicines, medication errors, lack of efficacy are all within the domain of pharmacovigilance.

Pharmacovigilance / Drug Safety | CK Clinical

Current systems need to evolve in drug safety and pharmacovigilance to address this broad scope adequately. Public health versus pharmaceutical industry economic growth: There may be shortcomings and at times conflicting interests within the pharmaceutical industry when dealing with public health concerns arising from drug safety issues.

The industry needs to overcome weaknesses in safety monitoring during drug safety and pharmacovigilance trials and post-marketing surveillance. Monitoring of established products: The generic sector of the pharmaceutical industry has not fully recognized and its responsibility to continuously monitor the safety of its products throughout the world.

There is the erroneous belief that generic drugs are inherently safe even when they interact with other medicines. The generic sector is the largest supplier of essential drugs.

Drug Safety Pharmacovigilance Jobs, Employment |

Attitudes and perceptions to benefit and harm: These trends have dramatically changed the way in which medicines are used drug safety and pharmacovigilance society. Healthcare providers, patients and the public have responded in different ways to these changing trends as has been described in previous chapters.

Their perception of benefit and harm and the level of acceptable risk for medicines in the face of these rapid developments have not been considered in drug safety and pharmacovigilance meaningful way.

The harm caused by medicines has been shown to be significant. Morbidity and mortality from drug-induced diseases are only recently being recognized as an important item on the public health agenda in developed and developing countries. Along with increased public awareness over safety of medicines, there is an increasing public stare on the performance of the health professions, industry and regulators.

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