Use our free chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis of The Faerie Queene. It helps middle and high school students understand Edmund Spenser's literary. The Faerie Queene, one of the great long poems in the English language, written in the 16th century by Edmund Spenser. As originally conceived, the poem. The Faerie Queene is an epic poem by Edmund Spenser (c. –), which follows the adventures of a number of medieval knights. The poem.


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First of all, Spenser's imagery isn't hard to get.

The Faerie Queene

I still bungled it, though. I was reading along in book 4, about a knight getting mad, because he was trying to sleep next to workers pounding away at an anvil.

My first impression was wondering how much of an imbecile he could be not to get up and move. But when I read the names of the workers Pensiveness and SighsI realized it was an allegory for those dark nights when you're lying awake, and you can't shake off thoughts of edmund spenser the faerie queene and sorrow.

Everybody has nights like that.

The Faerie Queene | work by Spenser |

edmund spenser the faerie queene Spenser explains exactly what he means; it doesn't take a genius to understand it.

Because I don't get the obvious. Second, his characters are so vivid. I did burst out laughing by about the sixth maiden in distress who claimed she was the 'most sorrowful maiden in all the world'. But in spite of that, the characters are varied and endearing.

Thirdly, his Christian living and teaching are challenging and true.

I dog-eared many pages of passages that struck me this book is so huge I would never find them just by underlining and rejoiced at the joy, vigor, and consistency with which his characters lived the Christian life.

I did skip a few cantos--the parade of all the sea gods didn't add edmund spenser the faerie queene the story, and I'm not interested in that kind of religious folklore.

Some of Acrasia's scenes in book 2, and one description of hell in book 1 were things I didn't want to read.

Use your discretion edmund spenser the faerie queene skipping around as you need to. The Middle English I found easy to understand as I got into it, but that may be an extra challenge for some readers. Also, Spenser occasionally goes on unimportant side tangents.

If you persevere through that you'll love the book as a whole. But side tangents in Middle English poetry are more unforgivable than modern prose.


The first book Holiness had the tightest story plot, while the second was quite rambling. The first two didn't really resonate with me, but each one got better and more gripping as they went along.


I have the most dog-eared pages of things I want to remember in Book 4 Friendship and Book 5 Justice. The combination of justice and chastity, and the illustrations of wise friends, foolish friends, reconciliation and visionary work brought joy to my soul.

Favorite Characters Artegall and his Tin Man, who went marching through the realm dispensing justice Triamond and Cambell with their lady loves by their sides There were so many people to know and love. It would be hard to choose a favorite knight, but Artegall JusticeTriamond Friendship and Calidore Courtesy were my favorite for the way they lived with purpose, fought as men, and protected women.

He and his fiery brother Pyrochles represent emotional maladies that threaten temperance. Chrysogonee, mother of Edmund spenser the faerie queene and her twin Amoretta.

She hides in the forest and, becoming tired, falls asleep on a bank, where she is impregnated by sunbeams and edmund spenser the faerie queene birth to twins.

The goddesses Venus and Diana find the newborn twins and take them:

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