That essay, “Toward an Understanding of Public School Politics” by Thomas Eliot (Eliot cited under Prehistory of Education Politics), does. A payout to a former head shows the huge private rewards that can come from treating state schools as businesses, says education journalist. Governors and presidents are no better suited to run schools than they are to run construction sites, and it's time our education system reflected.


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Education is arguably the most important education and politics society makes. Every problem we face, from joblessness and crime to racism and even obesity, can be better addressed through education. Successful graduates contribute to society.

Unsuccessful students carry costs. The field is a relatively new arena of research and analysis.


Its origins can be traced to a seminal essay in education and politics American Political Science Review in Of course, in the decades prior toeducation and politics political advocacies substantially influenced public and private schools.

The development and evolution of what we all now recognize as a richly textured, highly contested, and often partisan politics of education began to emerge in the s.

Cooperative and conflictive processes are integral components of micropolitics. Macropolitics refers to how power is used and decision making is conducted at district, state, and federal levels.

Is Politics the Problem in Education or the Solution?

Macropolitics is generally considered to exist outside the school, but researchers have noted that micro- and macropolitics may exist at any level of school systems depending on circumstance. More debates on the preavailing education and politics are solicited from academia of the world to define politics educationally.

Rather, what education and politics is that the education must decide who should be governing, and what should be the kind of government. And cities should be read as States meaning countries. Plato gives an extensive Theory of Education that would create such philosophers who were eligible to rule.

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