When Beauty Tamed the Beast (Fairy Tales) [Eloisa James] on *FREE* shipping on customer reviews. Book 2 of 5 in the Fairy Tales Series. Historical romances based on fairy tales. The novels are unrelated and can be read in any order. The novellas are connected to specific novels. A Kiss at. Reading order of Fairy Tales. A series of 9 books by Eloisa James.


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The Fairy Tale Series: The Duke Is Mine and The Ugly Duchess by Eloisa James

How did Beauty feel about getting eloisa james fairy tale series particular nickname? These novels differ from my previous series in that no character moves from one fairy tale to another, though there are links in the novellas. The tie that binds them is the thrill that comes from hearing the words Once Upon A Time.

They can be read in any order. My sister is very dear to me.

Books by Eloisa James

But I didn't want to depict a relationship that was all sweetness and light. After all, I still have my 5th eloisa james fairy tale series diary, with my sister's mocking annotations covering up my heartfelt pages!

This series begins with the story of four Scottish sisters, orphaned and sent to England to be wards of a duke Much Ado About You. Each novel stands on its own, following the story of one sister.

Yet the thread of Imogen's story winds through the first three novels.


One new challenge for me was to show Imogen maturing and changing through several books, while staying eloisa james fairy tale series minor character. Her second career began when her husband wished to postpone having a second child until they had paid off their student loans.

To speed the process, Bly followed her parents' examples and wrote a story to send to a publisher.

Eloisa James - Wikipedia

Following the publication of those three novels, she eloisa james fairy tale series out the remainder of her contract and moved to Avonwhere her books are now published in mass market paperback format.

She believed that marketing her first works as hardcovers was not a truly successful plan and hoped to have more success with the mass-market paperbacks.


Most of eloisa james fairy tale series novels are part of a trilogy or set of four novels which focus on a set of interconnected characters, and explores the relationships between those characters as well as that of the hero and heroine. Once she had officially "come out", she submitted an op-ed to The New York Times defending the romance genre.

Eloisa James

Juggling dual careers[ edit ] Bly credits her success in dual careers to being "very, very organized. When possible, she does not work when her children are at home.

There is a playfulness to The Duke Is Mine that is very welcome, a whimsical tone that is successfully maintained even when the going gets rough. The an air of unreality — different form the normal, anticipated disconnect in romance — was rather charming and I really enjoyed Quin and Olivia fighting their attraction, giving in for a second, and trying to get eloisa james fairy tale series back on the straight and narrow.


I enjoyed the The Duke Is Mine, but also have to admit eloisa james fairy tale series skimming a bit when the aforementioned adventure was underway.

Theodora Saxby is the last woman anyone expects the gorgeous James Ryburn, heir to the Duchy of Ashbrook, to marry. Theo would have given it a lifetime. Society was shocked by their wedding.

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