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This has to be one of the most convenient ways to obtain encyclopedia de quimica information on the Internet. Other very useful sites include;- http: Over sites indexed as of September Other Chemistry-related Resources http: Whilst the full version is only available via subscription services, such as ClariNet, smaller items are published free in the Mini AIR.

Chemical Reference Spectra http: As encyclopedia de quimica as the database suppliers such as Knight-Ridder's Dialog and low-cost home-user Knowledge Index encyclopedia de quimica CAS's STN International, there are several other technical database suppliers that include chemistry-related material, eg Orbit.

These organisations usually approach institutional librarians and provide comprehensive descriptions of their available services. The best place to start is at your local library, talking to the librarian in charge of on-line services to ascertain what is available, and what levels of support are provided.

The obvious first places to start are Dialog and STN. The range of chemistry- related encyclopedia de quimica are extensive. There are several full-text databases of patents, full-text newspapers and journals, and many specialised databases.

Enciclopedia Didactica Oceano, Fisica y Quimica

If you plan on using Knight Ridder's lower cost Knowledge Index, ensure that the databases you are interested in are available on KI, as not all Dialog databases are. With nearly databases on STN and approximately on Dialog, they both offer access to a wide range of information.

For more specialist information, accessing individual businesses is required, and they can provide specialist sales, encyclopedia de quimica and technical support for their encyclopedia de quimica - many such businesses are now accessible via the WWW.

There are also the various encyclopedia de quimica companies like Thomas that list chemical and equipment suppliers, and who also offer a free evaluation period: The best technique is to use a WWW search engine to locate information you desire, but some interesting locations are listed below.

Several science journals are now making some of their commentary items and abstracts available on the WWW, however subscriptions are still required for access to the full journal.

Visual Encyclopedia of Chemical Engineering

American Chemical Society http: Society of Chemical Industry http: Both Dialog and STN offer commercial access to US and International patents online, many with full text - however the international ones, especially those devoted to capturing the current status of patents can be expensive, so ensure your searching encyclopedia de quimica are honed if you wish to avoid a large bill.

Complete copies of the patents can also be ordered. It has a good search engine, and probably should be the first site to visit, but note that it requires a browser that supports frames eg version 3 of Netscape or Internet Explorer. This excellent free service offers the titles of chemical, mechanical, encyclopedia de quimica electrical patents via email to subscribers.

Recently he also offered one years worth of patent abstracts, but requires some financial donations to expand the service.

The abstracts are freely retrievable by patent number sorry no searching yet, that needs the big donations.


For subscription info, send 'help' to patents world. In general, most WWW sites will also encyclopedia de quimica email addresses that they can be contacted through.

Check their WWW pages for information. Several major chemical suppliers now have on-line catalogues on the WWW. With the rapid growth of the WWW, it is usually a good encyclopedia de quimica to conduct a search to locate suppliers, and you could try the Chemsources or Thomas Register sites to locate addresses.

With the rapid growth of the WWW, it is usually a good idea to conduct a search to locate suppliers on the Internet, and using the Thomas Register site to locate suppliers not on the Internet. Whilst the full version is available via subscription services, such as ClariNet, smaller items are published free in the Mini AIR.

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Aldrich and Fisher sell software, as do some of the Chemical Societies http: As with most information obtained from the Internet, use at your own risk!.

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