The size of the particles of the cement is its fineness. The required fineness of good cement is achieved through grinding the clinker. Fineness Test of Cement. Experiment. Date. Page. No. Sign. Cement. 1 Fineness of Cement by Dry Sieving. 2 Standard Consistency. 3 Initial & Final Setting Time. 4 Soundness of Cement. At Certified Material Testing Products, you can buy cement fineness tests that are certified to meet test standards. View our product here!


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Excessive fineness requirement increases cost of grinding. Excessive fine cement requires more water for hydration, resulting reduced strength and durability.

Coarse cement particles settle down in concrete which causes bleeding. Precaution Air set lumps of cement should be broken by using a clean dry rod before sieving the sample Sieving should be done by rotating the sieve and but not by translation.

Test To Check Fineness Of Cement

Both the nozzle and sieve shall not be subjected to corrosion by water. The nozzle and pressure gauge should also conform to the specified dimensions.

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  • ASTM C - 17 Standard Test Method for Fineness of Hydraulic Cement by the μm (No. ) Sieve
  • What is fineness of cement?

fineness test of cement Place it on the 90 microns IS sieve having a collecting plate fixed at the bottom and Agitate the sieve gently for 2 minutes. After stirring the sieve measure the collected residue on the collecting plate with the help of a digital weighing machine and take it as W1.


Brush out all the fine materials left on the sieve manually. The test sample should be free of lumps. Now Take g of cement and note it as W1. Now place the sieve in Sieve shaking machine.

Adulterated and damaged cement show deviation of fineness value from the prescribed limit. Fineness of cement 3 1. There are different types of sieves such as 10, etc.


The number of the sieve indicates the number of holed present in a linear inch of that sieve. Sieve Sample of cement Triple beam balance Brittle brush Empty plate 1.

Take the triple beam balance and adjust the reading of fineness test of cement balance to zero.

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