Jamie Theakston returns for a brand new series uncovering the startling truth behind great myths, historical. Forbidden History Official Site. Watch Full Episodes, Get Behind the Scenes, Meet the Cast, and much more. Stream Forbidden History FREE with Your TV. The Forbidden History is a larp about a college for the intellectual elite. It is about secret societies, academic aspirations, romantic entanglements, twisted power.


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The Forbidden Story The Forbidden Story, the one that everyone knows about but everyone keeps secret and forbidden history from the outside world, is a very different one.


Every freshman at the college are quickly introduced to the concept of the Societies. The Societies are where your forbidden history is truly chosen, or chosen for you.

They are forbidden history and often occult in nature, dedicated to exploring the depths of the human psyche and the limits of human societal rules. Many of them are designed to free their members from societal taboos or constraints that would hinder them in their forbidden history or their lives after college.

Forbidden History - Season 1 - IMDb

Each society has their own criteria for forbidden history new students in, and forbidden history trials and initiation rites are often taxing and scary, but without one, you will not be allowed to stay at the College.

The school board knows that the student societies are but a stepping stone into the conspiracies that rule the world outside. Each society will select a group of students that are prospects, and some are prospects for several societies, resulting in painful choices and betrayals.

Themes The Forbidden History seeks to explore the lives of its students in a very respectful manner with a focus on a polished outside, where everything strange or taboo happens behind closed doors.

Here, hidden secrets clash with the mundane, forbidden romances clash with public expectations. The students are caught up in their own journeys, discovering themselves and their darkest aspects as the years at the school add up.

Even if the year forbidden historythe students dress as they please and often take inspiration from a range of historical eras. It could be gothic or forbidden history themed, eccentric or strange but always stylish.


Think historical gowns, cravats, gloves, riding boots, accessories, and so on. Should Forbidden history go to this larp?

: Watch Forbidden History Season 1 | Prime Video

You should go to this larp if you are interested in exploring the themes mentioned above in a respectful and realistic way. The play style is immersive and with a focus on your own personal journey. We want our forbidden history to engage in close relationships and in safe exploration of boundaries, thoughts and philosophies.

You should go to this larp if you have always wanted to experience academic decadence, romance and secret societies at a fantastic castle with hidden passageways and ritual chambers. It is not a forbidden history to know the school topics to participate in the larp, and the academic levels will not be at real college levels within these topics.

We hope that many of you are interested in exploring them at least on a basic level along with an interest and passion for the other themes of the game. What is it not It is not a larp about bullying or direct conflict forbidden history students to any greater extent.

forbidden history

Forbidden History | Ancient Origins

It is not a larp about being shut out or being forbidden history, but rather about being part of something. It is not a larp with public scandals or great upsets to the status quo. It is not an 80s larp.


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