“India Frozen Food Market By Organized vs Unorganized Sector, By Product Type (Frozen Snacks, Frozen Meat, Poultry & Seafood, Frozen. Previously, the frozen food industry in India was limited to only basic frozen vegetables and French fries. But today, there is an extensive range of products from. Frozen food Industry in India, India Frozen food market growth, Frozen food market trend India, India Frozen food Market to


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India Frozen Food Sector Analysis

The WTO has helped in creating opportunities for the market by reducing tariff barriers and promoting export subsidy measures for several products. About the Geography India is the seventh largest country in the world and has the frozen food industry india highest population.

It has a parliamentary democratic form of government and has abundant natural frozen food industry india and sufficient oil reserves. The country has a huge skilled, English-speaking, and inexpensive labor force. Its young population and current economic policies have made it one of the largest recipients of FDI in the world.

It locks in the freshness, nutrients and preserves the taste and texture as is at the time of freezing. Fresh vegetables produce enzymes that cause the loss of colour, flavour and nutrients.


The process kicks in right after harvest, freezing slows this reaction. But normal freezing just slows this process. However the advantage that IQF has over just freezing is that deactivates enzymes and prevents the formation frozen food industry india large ice crystals in cells of the produce, which is the key reason why there is a loss of taste, texture and nutrients during freezing, it eliminates this.

The process works the same way in the case of meat and seafood. Our strict quality measures ensures food is frozen under highly regulated and quality controlled environment.

India’s Frozen food Industry | Opportunities and Upcoming Projects |

What are the expansion plans and investments envisaged by your company in the area of manufacture and frozen food industry india Sumeru has already built capacity to cater to its growth plans. However, with the kind of innovations that we are rolling out, we could consider it in the future based on market demand and strategic need.

Our marketing efforts frozen food industry india been focused on promoting below-the-line BTL activations coupled with the digital medium. We want to amplify our presence closer to the consumer by driving value and premium offering across our portfolio.

What is the kind of technology infusion in the company to ensure transparency and easy recall, specifically in supply chain management for track and frozen food industry india of your products? Sumeru has state-of-the-art manufacturing set up with advanced technology to ensure quality product delivery.

We have systems in place which would help in detecting any flaws in supply chain.

Market Entry - Frozen food Industry in India: Analysis of Growth, Trends and Progress (2017 - 2022)

Our supply chain teams now use digital and GPS-enabled technology to check the real-time temperature of the vehicles which transport our stocks across the country. How large is your team and what is the hiring efforts to spur market reach?

We frozen food industry india have around employees.


Hiring efforts are on to support and drive rapid product innovation in the company. We have launched 10 new stock-keeping units SKUs this year that have been well received in the markets.


These include Sumeru Chicken French Fries, which is the first of its kind in India; Cheese Nuggets and Cheese-Filled Pops, and Chicken Rolls and Paneer Rolls which are new innovations that move away from the traditional potato and chicken products in the frozen food segment.

We have been the first to tie up with world-renowned food experts and collaborate with them on innovation in the country in frozen food industry india market segment.

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