Grettir's Saga. translation into English by William Morris & Eirikr Magnusson from the original Icelandic 'Grettis saga'. Ófeigur grettir átti Ásnýju Vestarsdóttur Hængssonar. Ásmundur skegglaus og Ásbjörn voru synir Ófeigs grettis en dætur hans voru þær Aldís, Æsa og Ásvör. Grettis saga Ásmundarsonar (About this sound Modern Icelandic pronunciation (help·info)) (also known as Grettla, Grettir's Saga or The Saga of Grettir the  ‎Overview · ‎Story · ‎Legacy.


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Many things might be told of the dealings between the bishop's men and the Northerners, which, however, do not belong to this saga. There was a girl grettis saga Asdis who was being brought up in Thorkell's grettis saga.

Grettir's Saga

Her mother's name was Aldis, whom we have already heard of as the daughter of Ofeig Grettir. Asdis was not betrothed as yet, and was a most desirable match, both on account of her connections grettis saga her wealth.

Asmund now became sick of travelling about and wanted to settle down in Iceland. So he spoke up and asked for Asdis as grettis saga wife.

Thorkell knew all about him and knew that he was a man of wealth, able to manage his affairs, so the marriage was arranged.


Asmund married Asdis, and became a close friend of Thorkell. He was a great man of affairs, learned in the law and very strenuous. grettis saga

[OTA] Grettis saga. English — The saga of Grettir the Strong

Soon afterwards Thorgrim Greyhead died at Bjarg; Asmund succeeded to his property and took up his residence at Bjarg. His children were as follows: The eldest was Atli, an able and accomplished man, tactful and easy grettis saga deal with; he was grettis saga liked by all.

His second son was called Grettir. He was very hard to manage in his bringing up.

Grettis saga

He spoke little and grettis saga rough in his manners and quarrelsome, both in words and deeds. He got little affection from his father Asmund, but his mother loved him dearly.

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Grettir was a handsome man in appearance, with a face rather broad grettis saga short, red-haired and somewhat freckled; not very precocious in his youth.

There was a daughter named Thordis, who afterwards married Grettis saga the son of Ospak, Kjallak's son from Skridinsenni.

Grettis Saga Critical Essays -

Another grettis saga was named Rannveig; she married Gamli the son of Thorhall of Vineland, and they dwelt at Melar in Hrutafjord and had a son named Grim. Glum and Thordis had a son named Ospak who fell into a dispute with Odd the son grettis saga Ofeig, which is grettis saga of in the "Saga of the Banded Men.

Asmund told him that he must do some work. Grettir said that would not suit him very well, but asked what he was to do. There were fifty of them, and a number of goslings.

Before long he began to find them troublesome, and the goslings would not come on quickly enough. This put him out, for he could never grettis saga his temper.

Grettis saga | Icelandic saga |

Soon afterwards some wanderers found the goslings lying outside dead, and the geese with their wings broken. This was in the autumn. Asmund was grettis saga much annoyed and asked Grettir whether he had killed the birds. Grettir grinned and answered:

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