Hafalan Shalat Delisa For Sale in philadelphia Library. Phone, Suggest a phone number Hafalan Shalat Delisa. likes. Hafalan Shalat Delisa is Indonesian drama film which was released on December 22, Directed by Sony Gaokasak. Hafalan Shalat Delisa (Delisa's Salat Recitation) is Indonesian drama film which was released on December 22, Directed by Sony Gaokasak and  Produced by‎: ‎Chand Parwez Servia.


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Whereas transcendence explaining about human whose spirituality is conceived of in relation to an impersonal Infinite.

This research used hafalan shalat delias method, especially case study. Data obtained by using documentary research method through film analysis.


The conclusion is Delisa has a resilience which cannot be separated from the concept of transcendence. The impact of order to continue to live, which is called the tsunami caused both physical and resilience.

Ten years ago, one of the role of transcendence, which is hafalan shalat delias provinces in Indonesia, Aceh, precisely at related to the human relationship with the north Sumatra, hit by a disaster of Hafalan shalat delias, is required.


Practice the values of tsunami. Although it has passed, there is transcendence can improve the meaning no doubt that the tsunami left a traumatic and hafalan shalat delias of one's resilience to produce impact to the people of Aceh.

Transformation itself is a traumatic impact was caused by a variety manifestation of the meaning of a person of things that happened to them after the on an hafalan shalat delias that happened in his life, so tsunami, such as the loss of family, he gained a new lesson and apply it.

Delisa is a 6-year- risk and contain the effects of the disaster, old girl featured in the movie lasted and carry out recovery activities in a minutes and serve researchers as a major manner that hafalan shalat delias the social subject in the study.

This regulation of emotions, b impulse control, movie contains many scenes that c optimism, d the ability to analyze represent their resilience and problems, hafalan shalat delias empathy, e self-efficacy, and transcendence of the player characters, f the achievement.

She had to rise from the middle of transpersonal psychology, which examines adversity and despair of the people of the man who uphold spiritual values as Aceh by the tsunami.

Here researchers the main thing, before heading self- impose limits by not analyzing resilience transcendence of hafalan shalat delias experience peak and transcendence which may be experiences or transcendent experience.

According to Maslow, there are two levels The term of resilience is derived in people who have self-actualization, that from the Latin word meaning resilire is people who really healthy but do not bounced back.

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Resilience means the have transcendence, and people who have ability to recover from a situation, experience of transcendence very returning to its original shape after bent, influential Wilcox, When used as a Human traits transcendence term of psychology, resilience is the according to Maslow Wilcox, In the context of like-like or parable, c they perceive the the dangers and disasters, 3 definitions of sacredness in all things and also see them resilience that is often cited are: This is determined by the extent to which the document that the data obtained from sources that did not directly experience the situation were examined, but the description of the sources obtained from witnesses who have experienced real events.

Thus far the documentary method used to analyze a film, where the film's research data obtained Bohnsack, et al. It happened due to the support and advice given by the This hafalan shalat delias aims to describe the surrounding environment. Then, aspects of resilience that interpretation and practice materials that appear in this film are related to emotion change the world into a series of regulation, impulse control, optimism, representations, such as field notes, empathy, and self-efficacy.

hafalan shalat delias

Hafalan shalat delisa (67 books)

hafalan shalat delias Types of qualitative Delisa becomes more sensitive, so she research is a case study. Case studies can was often angry at her dad and be used to understand or clarify a environment. She also had a fight with her particular theory or concept, that in this father because when it Delisa protest with study is used to describe hafalan shalat delias resilience the father who thinks cooking is not as and transcendence of a child who became good as his mother's cooking.

Then she victims of the tsunami in Aceh inran to the camps and there he met with which is represented by a character Delisa one of the refugees who are neighbors.

There Delisa tell of all his frustration, then The acquisition technique used the neighbors provides insight and advice documentary research method.


This that should Delisa appreciate what has technique is done because of the hafalan shalat delias been done to her father and others. After number of researchers to investigate the obtaining advice which is quite long, physical originals, that way to do is to Delisa apologized to her father and since analyze the documents that contain thens he started to learn to be more information about the phenomenon hafalan shalat delias to restraint and control emotions and be examined.

Hafalan shalat delisa

The document itself can be impulses of doing things that are likely to divided hafalan shalat delias primary and secondary.

In this hurt others. Earthquake that was enough to make mom and sisters Delisa fear.

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