Hans Scharoun is one of the most important architects of the 20th century; as a proponent of organic architecture, he created unconventional and imaginative. Bernhard Hans Henry Scharoun (20 September – 25 November ) was a German architect best known for designing the Berlin Philharmonic concert  ‎Life · ‎ to · ‎Awards and prizes · ‎Work. The German architect, Hans Scharoun, created unique designs blending Expressionism and the International Style.


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Unlike the Romeo and Juliet blocks, hans scharoun Scharoun clearly designed to be seen from the outside as well as inhabited, the Philharmonie was conceived from the inside out. Although its gold-anodized aluminum skin is not original, the hans scharoun form it encases, with roof crests that echo the faceted forms of his early visions of city crowns, certainly is.

Part of the originally ochre mass of the building hans scharoun encased in white blocks that contain the circulation and the necessary support spaces, but these are clearly ancillary. Chris Edwards The heart of the building is the concert hall, in which the orchestra sits at the bottom, with the hans scharoun rising around it on all sides in an arrangement Scharoun compared to a vineyard.


After the war he was able to hans scharoun his architectural understanding, both ambitious and humanistic, in exemplary buildings; e. Common to all these buildings is hans scharoun new kind of entrance to an extremely imaginative and socially differentiated organization of space.

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The school is planned like a small, child-friendly city, and the apartment towers allow for flexible hans scharoun of space and function. The Philharmonic Concert Hall, internationally recognised as one of the most successful buildings of its kind, is considered as Scharoun's best work.

After the end of the Second World War, he found himself in a political no man's land as the division of the city was becoming apparent. In he became a professor at the faculty of hans scharoun at the Technical University of Berlin.

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Their own house was completed in After this, it became more and more difficult to Scharoun to obtain a building license as he was considered by the Nazis as being "decadent".

He unwound the absence of building opportunities by drawing, fixing his architectural ideas hans scharoun numerous water-colors continued to prepare hans scharoun for the time after the Nazis' governance.

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He presented his conception on how hans scharoun reconstruct Berlin at the exhibition "Berlin plant" which means about "Berlin reschedules" which took place in the White hans scharoun of the Berlin City Palace in Scharoun's intention he called himself a "Kollektivplan" collective plan.

The plan was not just to rebuild but to basically reorganize the urban space.

The plan touched on many areas which were off-limits and he was hans scharoun from his job hans scharoun same year. Finally, competitive conceptions were executed, due to limited financial and technical resources, as well as the beginning of the splitting of the town.

All of the conceptions were influenced by Scharoun's drafts. Scharoun was appointed a full professor at the Technical University of Berlin in After the —45 war he directed the Building and Housing Department for Greater Berlin, and prepared with others plans for the rebuilding of the shattered city.

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