Driving through India and want to know where to eat on the road? Try Highway on my Plate: the indian guide to roadside eating, the country's first guide to. Highway On My Plate: The Indian Guide To Roadside Eating [Rocky Singh, Mayur Sharma] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Driving. Highway On My Plate. Join Rocky and Mayur on their fun filled travels across the length and breadth of India as they use every excuse possible to eat their way.


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We have shot episodes with a strained back and a broken ankle. For us, this is a very small price to pay for the joy of doing what we like doing. It may not bring as much highway on my plate, fame or accolades but when you love what you do, no matter how hard or crazy it gets, you are fortunate because you are doing what makes you happy.

Highway on My Plate

What were the funniest experiences you had on the show? This is a tough one.

There have been so many that it is difficult to choose! Ok, here are two really funny incidents that happened on the show. We were once shooting in Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh under extremely cold conditions. The Tawang monastery is the second largest monastery in the world, and its the monastery where the Highway on my plate Lama came as a young child when he first came to India.

When we were there, Tawang had just highway on my plate heavy snowfall. We wanted to shoot the monks drinking butter tea before their morning prayers at 4 am. It was bitterly cold and we were all bundled up as we walked through the snow to the monastery.

Rocky was complaining that his socks were wet, that he was going to get frostbite, and that they would have to cut his toes off.


He had just managed to scare everybody into believing him when five or six boy monks walked past us in only their chappals, unconcerned by the freezing temperature. The second one I can think of highway on my plate in Tamil Nadu.

Highway On My Plate - Wikipedia

We were wearing lungis and had stopped for a roadside breakfast somewhere in the state. We decided to hitch a ride to the next town and got ready for the shot.


highway on my plate So we were standing at the side of the road to hitch a ride, and I put my hand up with my thumb out and my lungi fell down! The cameras were still rolling so I just picked up the lungi and wrapped it around my neck like a muffler.

So, I was standing there in my shorts and my t-shirt trying to hitch a highway on my plate. And the funny thing is they even put it on the show — in our th episode.

What is the weirdest or more exotic thing both of you have tried on the show? There was this one episode we were doing on exotic foods in Arunachal Pradesh where woodworms are a local delicacy.

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These fat caterpillar like wood-boring worms are found only at the base of a certain kind of a tree. They have a hard chitinous exterior with a strong smelling, squishy interior.

So, they brought these worms out and Rocky gamely agreed to try them and he did. In my case, there is a dish, akhuni, in Nagaland. Assam and Meghalaya have it too where it is known highway on my plate different names.

Highway On My Plate | Rocky & Mayur

This is a fermented paste of soy beans — soy beans are boiled in salt, kept in baskets with leaves and allowed to ferment for three to six months. A tiny bit of akhuni added to vegetables while cooking gives a beautiful smoky taste to the dish.

But when its raw, it is extremely pungent and strong smelling. Which are your favourite food destinations in India? Also, in Delhi, where highway on my plate you love eating out?

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