NEW YORK -- When President Barack Obama said he wanted to address women's rights during his speech to Muslims last week, I said a. Start by marking “Headscarves and Hymens: Why the Middle East Needs a Sexual Revolution” as Want to Read: Eltahawy has a chatty style which is easy and engaging to read. Mona Eltahawy is an Egyptian-American journalist based in New York. “Turn to any page of Headscarves and Hymens and you'll find a statistic or anecdote to make your blood boil [Eltahawy] has now expanded that [Foreign.


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I think this book is a must read.


Before I read it I had a fairly strong opinion that women were hymens and headscarves in a lot of fundamentalist Muslim countries - but this book really drives it home, with facts, figures and examples, and it makes the lives of these women very real.

It's so easy to think of women swathed in black and perhaps wearing burqas as 'them', but they are not, they are 'us'. I am still thinking about something she said about Western Liberals Cultural relativism is as much my enemy as the oppression I fight within my culture and faith" She also makes hymens and headscarves point that Islamophobes and Xenophobic right wingers are all too happy to hear about how badly Muslim men treat their women, and this makes her campaigning difficult.

I will end hymens and headscarves my usual splurge notes - lots of them taken directly from the book view spoiler [ Egypt The law gives men permission to beat their hymens and headscarves, as long as it is "with good intentions".

This means beatings that are not "severe" or "directed at the face". Most of the women agreed that women should keep harassment to themselves, to avoid ruining their reputations.

Headscarves and Hymens: Why the Middle East Needs a Sexual Revolution by Mona Eltahawy

A UN survey reported that The Hymens and headscarves Spring in I have never met Eltahawy, although we overlapped as foreign correspondents in Israel and the Palestinian Territories. We are Twitter friends, that modern phenomenon, a connection spurred by our shared feminism.

I like her public voice: But the book suffers from a sense of haste — in its conception, or its writing, perhaps both — flipping between a somewhat breathless conversational style that is, at least, highly readable, hymens and headscarves sudden expanses of arid statistics that read more like a first-year anthropology paper.

Eltahawy's argument is scattered and reductivist, but when you can find it, it is that, in essence, Arab men have a fear that bleeds into loathing of women's sexuality and thus a compulsive need to control it. In one of its more cogent articulations in the book, she writes, hymens and headscarves hate us because they need us, they fear us, they understand how much control it takes to keep us in line, to keep us good girls with our hymens intact until it's time hymens and headscarves them to fuck us into mothers who raise future generations of misogynists to forever fuel their patriarchy.


They hate us because we are at hymens and headscarves their temptation and their salvation from that patriarchy, which they must sooner or later realize hurts them, too. They hate us because they know that once we rid ourselves of the alliance of State and Street that works in tandem to control us, we will demand a reckoning.

Headscarves and Hymens : NPR

But as a reader, I stumbled repeatedly over two problems. First, her research is not deep: The majority of cases she cites are from reports in the limited English-language Arab media, and she draws heavily on interviews she did for a BBC radio documentary. Sometimes there are UN statistics, and sometimes there is something a woman said to her once on the subway.

I found myself craving a deeply researched, Andrew Solomon-esque book on this topic, one where the author has immersed herself in the subject not just from lived experience but in research, in criticism, in thousands hymens and headscarves hours of interviews.

Hymens and headscarves is invariably men who define "culture" and invariably women and girls who bear its brunt. By seeing our diversity, the president of the United States can avoid the headscarf conundrum.

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