İhsan Oktay Anar. Roman Yazarı. Doğum. 21 Kasım, · Yozgat, Turkey. Eğitim. Ege University Faculty of Literature Department of Philosophy. Burç. Akrep. AMAT by İhsan Oktay Anar. On the third night of Şevval in the month of October the city of Constantinople, whose fame had spread with great. THE ENGLISH translation of İhsan Oktay Anar's delightful three-chapter novella ' The Book of Devices' brings a novelist of unique prose who.


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Puslu Kitalar Atlasi Der Atlas Unsichtbarer Kontinente Ihsan Oktay Anar Book | eBay

This ihsan oktay anar, we can say, to years after the time of Jesus, May his Name be Praised! A wildly gusting wind that had been wreaking havoc in the sky since first light suddenly slowed and dropped.

If it were only possible to hear the silence and to see in the dark, then we would ihsan oktay anar the clack-clack of the prayers beads of believers, the hurls coming from the chest of the drunk bequeathing ihsan oktay anar meal to the pavement at the corner and the whispers pouring off the lips of invokers of magic tucked away in darkened recesses.

We would see the eyes shining in the light that streams from the fortunes made of tens of thousands of gold pieces, the red lamps hung at the doors of dens of vice that tinkled with coquettish laughter and we would make out the gleaming blades pulled out by dirty hands on deserted street corners.

At that time of night a money lender was busy at work shovelling the gold in his vault to make way for the takings of that day.

ihsan oktay anar

How To Pronounce Ihsan Oktay Anar

Little did he know, singing a lively song as he worked, that each and every ihsan oktay anar of these gold pieces could tell a ihsan oktay anar of its own, however tragic it may be. This coin was added to 18 others in the purse of the grocer and was soon passed on to join the tens of thousands lying in the vault of the money lender.

However, the grocer was unable to pay the remaining half of his debt and was imprisoned in Galata jail for nine long years.

One should mention though that ihsan oktay anar was not all kindness to the money lenders of Galata. Irony which is a literary instrument that ihsan oktay anar the inconsistency between real and appearance is mostly used as a criticism method.

When author is transferring his criticisms by irony, he may increase the dose of criticism; but he would also soften his tone. In the ironic expression, due to the fact that expressions become more striking and shocking, they become more effective on the reader.


The main purpose of the author who uses irony method is not to devalue or to humiliate but rather ihsan oktay anar force the criticism elements to change and transformation in the affirmative meaning. There are ihsan oktay anar aspects of irony with comic.

In addition, comic has the objective of social arrangement and this makes it closer to the irony. Another genre intertwined with irony is parody; because parodies necessarily contain irony.

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In this study, the classification of examples is based on the differentiation of "irony object" and ihsan oktay anar victim" made by D. In the stories, it is seen that irony intertwines mostly with comedy and partly with parody.

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