Islam (Arabic: الإسلام al-islām) "obediance (or submission) to God" is a monotheistic faith, one of the Abrahamic religions, and the world's. Publishing in print in February , this encyclopedia presents students, As with the original Oxford Encyclopedia of the Modern Islamic World, the articles. Al-mawsoo'a al-thahabiya lil 'aloom al-Islamiya (The golden encyclopedia of Islamic sciences) is one of three encyclopedias she has written.


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And, with nearly images and 40 maps, the Encyclopedia is visually stunning.


He is the sole creator and sustainer of islamic encyclopedia universe, wherein every creature bears witness to his unity and lordship. But he is also just and merciful: His creating and ordering the universe is viewed as the act of prime mercy for which all things sing his glories.

Islamic encyclopedia pagan Arabs believed in a blind and inexorable fate over which humans had no control.


There are no gaps or dislocations in nature. Order is explained by the fact that every created thing is endowed with a definite and defined nature whereby islamic encyclopedia falls into a pattern.

The universe is viewed, therefore, as autonomousin the sense that everything has its own inherent laws of behaviour, but not as autocratic, because the patterns of behaviour have been endowed by God and are strictly limited.

Whereas everything in the universe has a limited nature and every creature recognizes its limitation and insufficiency, human beings are viewed as having been given freedom and therefore are prone to rebelliousness and pride, with the tendency to arrogate to themselves the attributes of self-sufficiency.

Pride, thus, is viewed as the cardinal sin of human beings, because, by not recognizing in themselves their essential creaturely limitations, they become guilty of ascribing to themselves partnership with God shirk: Satansin, and repentance Islamic encyclopedia order to communicate the truth of Divine Unity, God has sent messengers or prophets to human beings, whose weakness of nature makes them ever prone to forget or even willfully to reject Divine Unity under the promptings of Satan.

Since then his work has been to beguile human beings into error and sin. The whole universe is replete with signs of God. The human soul itself is viewed as a witness of the unity and grace of God. The messengers of God have, throughout history, been calling humanity back to God.

Encyclopaedia of Islam - Wikipedia

Nevertheless, it is always possible for a sinner to islamic encyclopedia tawbah and redeem himself by a genuine islamic encyclopedia to the truth. There is no point of no return, and God is forever merciful and always willing and ready to pardon.

Genuine repentance has the effect of removing all sins and restoring a person to the state of sinlessness with which he started his life. Most Muslims, however, view the Qur'an as islamic encyclopedia of Jewish and Christian scriptures.

Encyclopaedia of Islam Online (English)

Non-Muslims tend to regard Muhammad as the author of the Qur'an and interpret Islam's origin as a response to islamic encyclopedia circumstances and needs of the day. They thus examine the social, economic, and religious context of sixth century Arabia in order to understand the islamic encyclopedia and influences that gave birth to Muhammad's religion, one that built on the two earlier Abrahamic faiths.

Muslims reject the idea that Islam's origin owes itself to anything other than God's mercy in revealing God's will to a forgetful and disobedient humanity. Muslims hold that Islamic encyclopedia is essentially the same belief as that of all the messengers sent by God to mankind since Adam, with the Qur'an the definitive scripture or revelation of the Muslim faith codifying the final revelation of Islamic encyclopedia.

Essentially, all prophets received the same message of obedience to God.

Islamic teaching sees Judaism and Christianity as derivations of the teachings of certain of these prophets—notably Abraham —and therefore acknowledges their Abrahamic roots, while the Qur'an calls them islamic encyclopedia of the Book.

There are various sub-divisions of both main branches and historically other branches existed, which are no longer islamic encyclopedia.

There is also the popular devotional or mystical tradition known as tasawuf, or Sufismwhich exists in both branches islamic encyclopedia has historically helped to bridge the divide between them.

The basis of Islamic belief is found in the shahadah "two testimonies": In order to become a Muslim, this confession needs to be recited before witnesses as a verbal or outer declaration of inner faith iman.

This is known as iman, or faith, and represents the foundation or first pillar of Islam, of which there are five Arkan-al-Islam. These are not listed in islamic encyclopedia Qur'an but in the second most authoritative source for Muslim faith, the hadith accounts of Muhammad's sunnah, or example, that is, his words and deeds.

Muslims believe that Muhammad's own life exemplified the Qur'an's teaching, that he was inspired and lived a life in full and complete harmony with God. Taqwa God-consciousness dominated everything he said and did.

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