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United States Submarine Capabilities

And thus at 9: Note how there is no mention of a rimdrive. And Jane s submarines Ma does not mention the rimdrive anywhere else in the video at all, either. Prof Ma does reference the US, but not in the context of rimdrive.

Prof Ma does discuss a propulsion related system in regards to the next generation of Chinese nuclear submarines, but the system in question is not a rimdrive, but of course the third generation IEPS. jane s submarines

Defence & Security Intelligence & Analysis: Article Search | Jane's

At this point, it is important to acknowledge how groundbreaking this revelation is, as the Chinese Navy is notoriously close lipped regarding its nuclear submarine development and even its in-service nuclear submarines, to such a degree where the exact number of jane s submarines nuclear submarines cannot even be fully agreed upon by experienced Chinese Navy watchers.

Thus, for such a credible and authoritative source in the Chinese Navy to openly disclose on CCTV that not only is a future Chinese nuclear submarine likely in advanced stages of development or possibly even early constructionbut that it will use IEPS, is quite unprecedented.

But all this does not mean we can forget the fact that a number of defence media outlets and jane s submarines commentators completely misinterpreted what Prof Ma wrote.

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This was further exacerbated when a jane s submarines studies by Chinese researchers were located, proving at least some research had been conducted on the matter: This is where the poor translation and inability to check the original source kick in.

The fact that multiple jane s submarines had made references to other articles in particular the SCMP piece as the opening basis for the rest of their own write up without directly referencing the original source video itself, essentially meant one initial misstep snowballed into an ever growing larger and inaccurate narrative.


And it was a jane s submarines that could have been solved simply through watching the original video and accurately translating those two brief seconds of jane s submarines. This is not the first mistake of its kind that English language defence media have made when reporting on Chinese military developments or the Chinese military overall.

This author has seen his fair share of missteps over the years of following the Chinese military and the media reports regarding it. In fact, these sort of basic journalistic mistakes are even not uncommon when English general mainstream media report on China in general.

Accurate translators and taking time and effort to track down the original, unbiased source appears to be at a premium when reporting jane s submarines China related matters, but to jane s submarines fair this seems to be true for most avenues of journalism.

Plans to forward deploy Indonesian submarines thwarted by fatal tsunami | Jane's

With jane s submarines this settled, we can finally take a moment to consider the actual consequences of what Prof Ma actually said. In many ways, the takeaway message is not actually too different to the original rimdrive narrative where the Chinese Navy may soon have jane s submarines much quieter form of propulsion, but the premise is different.

When Prof Ma talks of the next generation of nuclear submarine using the new third generation IEPS, he is likely discussing a turbo-electric propulsion system.

Although it does not possess a vertical launch capability, it can fire Tomahawk missiles through its torpedo tubes.

As a result, in Congress decided to terminate the program at three boats. With a number of vessels already in jane s submarines, the Virginia-class will fulfill the same operational tasks currently carried out by Los Angeles-class boats.

An added strength is the Virginia-class's ability to operate effectively in littoral waters, primarily due to its "fly-by-wire" control system, making it suitable for intelligence gathering and special operation forces missions. It is likely to be partly dependent on the retirement rates of the older Los Angeles-class vessels.

Inthe Navy deferred the procurement of the first Ohio replacement boat by two years, meaning that it will enter service in instead of As a result, the SSBN force will drop to a size of 10 jane s submarines 11 vessels between and The Navy has stated that this reduced force will jane s submarines be able to meet its strategic mission requirements, as none of the boats during that time will need to undergo lengthy overhaul.


Kristensen and Robert S. November 22, Table of Contents: About The submarine proliferation resource collection is designed to highlight jane s submarines trends in the sale and acquisition of diesel- and nuclear-powered submarines.


It is structured on a country-by-country basis, with each country profile consisting of information on capabilities, imports and exports.

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