The Godspeaker Trilogy is a Dark Heroic Fantasy trilogy of novels by Karen Miller. Centered around the two main female characters: slave turned warrior . Read "The Godspeaker Trilogy" by Karen Miller with Rakuten Kobo. Sold into slavery, Hekat dreams of power. Fate leads her to the warlord Raklion, and she. Empress: Godspeaker: Book One eBook: Karen Miller: : Kindle Store.


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The Religion of Evil of Mijak is built on The Power of Bloodand thousands of slaves die to spread the power of their dark god. Either Hekat or her god; it's hard karen miller godspeaker tell which of them is actually writing the plans, but either way she's involved in a lot of scheming.

The Godspeaker Trilogy

Mijaki has a handful of words. Sadsa is camel's milk. Knife dancers forms are hotas.


Zandakar karen miller godspeaker his mother Yuma. The abuse the slaves are put through is so devastating, you want to do something to help them, but your own impotence to do so is stifling!


The language used for all the narrative is dialect-specific and I did not find it bothersome - the opposite, it made me immerse myself completely into the story and the region it is playing out in.

As much as it helped create the atmosphere, it also gave me the needed something different to which karen miller godspeaker hold on in order to create some separation, or the story would have been unbearable to get through.

The religion is based on several such I have encountered in karen miller godspeaker, and just as them this one is cruel and merciless!!! Imagine on top of that, having karen miller godspeaker G-d itself tell you what to do at all times and give you no chance at personal choice or freedom of ideas, since all has to be in the G-d's name, or else!!!

I would think this would be a terrible place and culture to belong to And much, much more.

The Godspeaker Trilogy by Karen Miller

All in all, Empress was an invigorating, enlightening read. I looked at the world with karen miller godspeaker that saw and understood a bit more, and I travelled to a far away land that terrified and beguiled me. Some people complained about the excessive use of God-this and God-that.

They've obviously never lived in authoritarian cultures.

Empress by Karen Miller

I have, and it made absolute sense. When God is not a concept, but a manifest presence in everyday life, When God rules all aspects of the society, then it's obvious that even the daily semantics will have theology imbued into them. The moral conflicts are so beautifully crafted throughout karen miller godspeaker series.

I think I enjoyed the Mijak volume the most.

It was the most surprising karen miller godspeaker fresh part of the series. I couldn't stand the girl. Also godtouched is Vortka, fellow slave turned Godspeaker who tries his hardest to appease the god but sometimes finds it difficult to attend sacrifices.

He hides it well and tries to stay out of the way of the high Karen miller godspeaker Nagarak but it appears that he is destined for karen miller godspeaker things as the god and Hekat give him instructions that will lead to him being one of the most powerful men in Mijak and the only man who is able to control Hekat.

Empress is by far one of the best books that I have read in a long time.

Empress (Godspeaker Trilogy #1) by Karen Miller

Hekat is karen miller godspeaker single-minded and commands the attention of all those around her. But if her enemies have their way, Ethrea will not be ruled by a woman.

Dexterity Jones is a toy maker.

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