Looking for a great workout option that will help you target a number of areas? The kettlebell might be just what you need. Ask any trainer and they'll tell you that. Kettlebells rock, if you know how to use them! Try out this minute beginner kettlebell workout you can do at home or in a gym. We also talk. You don't need to be a fitness pro to use kettlebells. This beginner kettlebell workout is perfect for first-timers.


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Yeah, they're easier to carry after you start consistently using kettlebells. And that suitcase you have to lift to put into the overhead bin on an airplane?

No need to ask for assistance. Ready to get started? First, make sure you study up to avoid these common mistakes. Then, try this routine that's perfect for first-time kettlebell users. There are 5 sets kettlebell workouts for beginners moves to work through.

kettlebell workouts for beginners You'll do each exercise in the set for 20 seconds, follow it up with 40 seconds of kettlebell swings here's how to do the perfect kettlebell swingthen move on to the next. Clock or timer — to keep you on track and to help motivate you a timer will keep your workouts and rest periods honest.

You can opt for an interval timer like I usea clock with a second hand or even a kettlebell workouts for beginners timer app.


Different holding positions will allow you to perform variations of the same exercise and also totally unique kettlebell movements. If you purchase the correct kettlebell then you should be able to close your fingers from both hands around the kettlebell kettlebell workouts for beginners.

Imagine you are just picking the kettlebell up off the floor.

25 Super Effective Kettlebell Workouts for Beginners

The hand will be in the centre of kettlebell. By the body — hold the kettlebell by the body of the kettlebell.

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Goblet kettlebell workouts for beginners in this holding position the kettlebell is upside down with the handle pointing towards the floor. Racked — here the kettlebell is held by one hand with the body of the kettlebell resting against your forearm and chest.

Keep your elbow tucked in and shoulder down.


Straight arm hold — if ever the kettlebell is going to be held with a straight arm then you will hold the kettlebell on the inside corner. As the weight is pressed or held overhead then kettlebell will rest comfortably again the forearm. There are a few other more advanced holding positions but you will find the ones above plenty for now.

Joint Mobility As you age your joints start to lose their freedom kettlebell workouts for beginners movement. Kettlebell workouts for beginners of movement through your joints is a sure fire way to encourage an injury.

Kettlebell Workout for Beginners | Fitness Magazine

Here is a simple joint by joint mobility routine: Spend more time on joints that feel tight and restricted and less on your more mobile areas.

Movement Specific Warm Up Kettlebell workouts for beginners this point you should already be starting to feel looser kettlebell workouts for beginners warmer than when you started. Now you need to get a little more specific based on the kind of workout you will be performing.

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