Set in the French countryside of George Sand's childhood and narrated in the unique voice of a Berrichon peasant, La Petite Fadette is a beloved novel. Book Auberge de la Petite Fadette, La Chatre on TripAdvisor: See 8 traveler reviews, 22 candid photos, and great deals for Auberge de la Petite Fadette, ranked. La Petite Fadette, also published in English under the titles Little Fadette. A Domestic Story , Fadette. A Domestic Story and Little Fadette ,  Publication date‎: ‎


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I will add no more for fear of spoiling the story but I think it is impeccably acted and filmed.

La petite Fadette by George Sand

la petite fadette As it is only a TV film, I fear it may not make it beyond the frontiers of France, except to French speaking areas of Canada and Belgium.

A great pity though as it is a very pleasant little film indeed.

With a bit of luck this may be issued on DVD in France at least. With a title that seems untranslateable, keep an eye out for la petite fadette on the TV in your country. You never know, miracles can happen Although they are opposites, with Landry la petite fadette less emotional, more conventionally strong twin, and Sylvinet, the less physically strong and more emotional one, the twins both love each other more than anything else.

La Petite Fadette

When they are 14 years old, the plot takes a turn. Due to the family's dire financial straits, one la petite fadette has to leave to work in a neighbouring farm, and Landry is chosen.

Landry tries to hide his distress out of pride, unlike Sylvinet, who cries and is very demonstrative. Sylvinet does not understand how Landry can pretend to want to leave home.

La petite Fadette (Semet, Théophile) - IMSLP/Petrucci Music Library: Free Public Domain Sheet Music

He is therefore hurt, and he responds angrily and emotionally to the separation, disappearing into the woods. When la petite fadette for his brother in the woods, Landry encounters Fadette.

Fadette lives with her younger brother and a grandmother who makes the two children work constantly. The children are despised and looked la petite fadette upon by the other villagers for being different.

The children are known as "witches" and indeed often appear unkempt, covered in dirt, and at one with the elements. When Fadette helps Landry to find his brother, la petite fadette makes him promise to return the favor.

La Petite Fadette By George Sand and translated with an introduction by Gretchen van Slyke

She helps Landry cross a small river, on the other end of which he finds his brother. Landry is angered, though he knows he has promised to fulfill the favor.

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He is ashamed to be associated with Fadette due to her reputation as a witch and is disappointed, as Madelon, the most beautiful and coquettish girl in town, wants la petite fadette dance with him instead. However, he reluctantly keeps his promise and even defends Fadette when the village boys la petite fadette her.

Moved but embarrassed by the gesture, Fadette tells Landry to dance with whomever he wants and leaves the party. However, Landry goes after her and hears her crying.

They talk at length in the dark village, and Landry realises that she is a very sweet, sensible, and intelligent person, and begins to fall in love with the little Fadette. He even wants to kiss her but she refuses, telling him that he will regret it the next day. Fadette is la petite fadette the next day, Landry remembers her la petite fadette face, and does not understand how he could have felt such an attraction for her.


But soon after, he overhears a conversation between Fadette and Madelon that emphasizes that Fadette is kind and humble and the other girl is vain and proud.

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