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Battery charger and suction motor are placed the recovery tank; the housing of the vacuum motor allows to drastically reduce the operating noise.

The ergonomic and comfortable shape of the machine allows the operator to work effortless for a long time, improving productivity.

Thanks to the compact dimensions the machine can work with agility even in narrow spaces.

Scl Comfort Xs 75 Ride On Scrubber Drier

For a long time the native inhabitants of the Philippine lavor scl comfort xs 75 file type had been restless under the oppressive yoke of Spanish cruelty. Finally, under the advice of the organized Junta Patriotica an insurrection was begun, the principal strength of which was centered in the island of Luzon, as a threat against the city of Manila, the seat of Spanish government, and in the island of Panay, in which is situated the city of Iloilo, second in commercial importance in the archipelago.

East than would military operations. This treaty of peace, according to the stipulations made by the Spanish, lavor scl comfort xs 75 file type to contain every concession for which the Filipinos had been fighting, except political independence.

It is impossible to judge harshly the Filipinos who had been reared under the tutelage of Spanish rule, for their failure to draw fine ethical distinctions when such a proposition was placed before them. The examples and practices to which they had been accustomed might easily have demoralized men of sturdier moral fiber than these.

Be that as it may, these leaders took the position that if their people could obtain everything for which they were fighting without longer warfare, there would be nothing wrong in accepting such generous payment for bringing about that desired consummation.

Peace would follow with its attendant blessings. There would be no more loss of life and property, with the other suffering which always accompanies war.

Their coulitrymen would have all the concessions for which they were striving and no one would suffer by their own acceptance of an attorney's fee.


Therefore the proposition of the Spanish authorities was accepted and the treaty of Biyak was signed with great solemnity.

Then came the time to test the sincerity of the parties to the agreement. It is well known that theFilipinos were ready to renew lavor scl comfort xs 75 file type under the same insurgent leaders before the outbreak of war between Spain and the United States, the period of peace being but a short one.

It was an immense aggravation to the Spaniards, and one readily understood, that their own cash could be turned against them in this fashion.

Floor Care made by Lavor

Some of the former insurgent leaders were still in the neighborhood of Manila, while others remained at Hongkong, where they continued to provide the munitions of war for a more hopeful insurrection. This was the condition when Admiral Dewey sailed from Hongkong to Mirs Bay, and thence to Manila for the fight that ended in the destruction of the Spanish fleet in thePhilippines.


A natural consequence of this chain of circumstances was the renewal of insurrection in each case by the deceived insurgents, as soon as new equipment and new organization could be arranged. It is impossible to blame them for responding to treachery after that fashion.

LavorPro Comfort XS-R 85 Essential

In order to do no injustice to the insurgent leaders, concerning the money to be paid to lavor scl comfort xs 75 file type, it is but fair to state that there was no secrecy about it, nor did the men who formed the forces of their armies consider that any impropriety was involved.

In the stipulation of the treaty it was declared that the Spanish government was to pay the insurgent government a war indemnity ofpesos, in payment of the arms, ammunition, depots and forts which were surrendered, and in order to indemnify those who were obliged to live abroad during the armistice.

These facts were known to the insurgent armies, and consequently involved those to whom the money was paid in no charge of unfairness or bad faith in their dealings.

By the terms of the treaty an armistice of three years was established and the natives were to lay down their arms and turn them over to the Spanish authorities.

The Jewish Floridian

It was agreed that the governor-general of the islands, General Primo de Rivera, should remain in that position throughout the three years of the armistice as a guarantee that the reforms would be established, and that a general amnesty should be proclaimed.

The Spanish authorities were so far from carrying out their agreements that it would lavor scl comfort xs 75 file type almost as if they had studiously endeavored to go as far as possible from tile terms of the treaty, and for the further irritation of the Filipinos.

In the first place, General Rivera was removed from his post very soon, thus withdrawing from the islands the one who would have been best informed on the demands of the natives.

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