Lest Darkness Fall and Related Stories is an anthology of time travel alternate history stories by American writers L. Sprague de Camp, Frederik Pohl, S. M. A description of tropes appearing in Lest Darkness Fall. Martin Padway is struck by lightning in and finds himself in sixth-century Rome, on the verge . Lest Darkness Fall is an alternate history science fiction novel written in by author L. Sprague de Camp. The book is often considered one of the best  Author‎: ‎L. Sprague de Camp.


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Indubitably a brighter one. Increase intelligence and understanding across the board and there're more people to come up with ideas. The replacement of lead pipes is lest darkness fall good one, too. Moves the capitol to Ravenna since that's one of the few spots which wasn't attacked by Goths.

He wins the love lest darkness fall a Goth princess, dumps her to another man and then gets ready for several attacks upon Rome. Leads forces twice against Belisarius and then Bloody John.

Other than the reasons stated above, I like Roman History and there were some very funny parts; especially in the dialogue!

Someone made the point that Padway was a little too ingenius at creating future inventions, as well as lest darkness fall maneuvering amongst all the political intrigues. There may be some validity to it but one who has studied such things wouldn't be hard pressed otherwise.

An E-book edition was published by Gollancz 's SF Gateway imprint on September 29, as part of a general release of de Camp's works in electronic form.

A thunderstorm arrives, lightning cracks and he finds himself transported to Rome in the year AD. At this lest darkness fall, the Italian Peninsula is under the rule of the Kingdom of the Ostrogoths.


The novel depicts their lest darkness fall as a benevolent despotismallowing freedom of religion and maintaining the urban Roman society they had conquered, though torture is the normal method of interrogation by what passes for law-enforcement agencies.

In the real timeline, the Byzantine or Eastern Roman Empire temporarily expanded westwards, embarking on what came to be known as the Gothic War — They overthrew the Ostrogoths lest darkness fall the Vandals in North Africabut this war devastated the Italian urbanized society that required the support of intensive agriculture and by the end of the conflict Italy was severely depopulated: The great cities of Roman times were abandoned and the Byzantines never fully consolidated their rule over Italy, which faced further invasions by the Lombards ; Italy fell into a long period of decline.

Some historians consider this the true beginning of the Dark Ages in Italy. The city of Rome was besieged three times and many of its inhabitants did not survive to the end of the war.

Lest Darkness Fall

Thus Padway, finding himself in this Rome and knowing what the near future holds in store, must act not only to preserve the future of civilization, but lest darkness fall improve his personal chances of survival.

Padway initially wonders whether he is dreaming or delusional, but he quickly accepts his fate and sets out to survive. As an archaeologist, he has enough understanding of various devices used before his time but after the sixth century lest darkness fall be able to reproduce them by the means available.

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He can speak both modern Italian and Classical Latin and quickly learns enough Vulgar Latin which was spoken at that time to communicate effectively.

There have been numerous editions since. Martin Padway, an American lest darkness fall visiting Rome inis struck by lightning at the Pantheon and finds himself transported back in time to the Rome of AD.

Lest Darkness Fall (Literature) - TV Tropes

In that period the Western Roman Empire has long since fallen, and for nearly sixty years Italy has been ruled by barbarians, currently the Ostrogoths. However, the Eastern Roman or Byzantine Empire is poised to invade and reconquer the peninsula in a ruinous lest darkness fall Padway knows from history will devastate the country and mark the onset of the Dark Ages.

To ensure his own survival and prevent the impending collapse of civilization, he sets out to introduce technical innovations from his own time. As Italy is invaded, he also becomes involved in political and military affairs, becoming the power behind the Ostrogothic throne and defeating the Byzantines.

By the end of the novel Padway has stabilized the Italo-Gothic kingdom and consolidated his reforms. lest darkness fall


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