Los Lineamientos de la Política Económica y Social del Partido y la Revolución. El Partido Comunista de Cuba mantiene su papel de fuerza. Proyecto de Lineamientos de la política económica y social del Partido Comunista de Cuba(Draft guidelines for economic and social policy of the Communist. Órgano oficial del Comité Central del Partido Comunista de Cuba. y los Lineamientos de la Política Económica y Social del Partido y la.


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A ambos se les exige como requisito ser diputados a la Asamblea Nacional del Poder Popular. El debate en la Asamblea Nacional es la lineamientos pcc cuba de la consulta popular.

Lineamientos pcc cuba actualmente regulado en cuanto a las relaciones Estado-Iglesia, se mantiene en lo esencial. Referente a los fines esenciales del Estado, aparecen como nuevos: It is this perspective that then frames the approach to reform, and lineamientos pcc cuba the relationship between ideology, reform and implementation expressed through the Lineamientos.

The Lineamientos were developed over a long period and were widely distributed for public comment in the autumn of Indeed, the Cuban state apparatus and media made much of the democratic consultation undertaken prior to the consideration of the Guidelines by the Party.

That consultation, though undertaken through the leadership of the PCC provided an unprecedented forum for popular participation, whose opinions were to be taken into account in finalizing the Lineamientos.

Cuba Since the Revolution of A Critical Assessment - Samuel Farber - Google Books

Cuban officials also distributed the draft Lineamientos widely outside of Cuba. Highly placed Cuban academics and others were permitted to attend events abroad to explain the Lineamientos and generate lineamientos pcc cuba. Indeed, on the eve of the 6th PCC Congress inhighly placed economists were permitted to attend a conference in New York to discuss the Lineamientos and their potential impacts.

City University of New York Lineamientos pcc cuba There were three principal objectives. The first two lineamientos pcc cuba the obvious ones--to acquire a sense of reaction generally to the form and focus of the reforms, and to solicit technical suggestions for improvement of the specific provisions in the reforms.

The third objective was more subtle and essentially political, and that was to fold the process of the Lineamientos into the reform of Leninist political process in Cuba.


The Lineamientos served as the lineamientos pcc cuba effort to put into operation of strong consultative element in the finalization of political reform. The space for that consultation was precisely limited to the terms of the Lineamientos themselves and not the underlying political principles.

The lineamientos pcc cuba of transparency and national consultation culminated in the consideration of the Lineamientos, and their unanimous approval, at the long postponed 6th PCC Congress — the party in power in the Cuban state.

As finally approved by the 6th Party Congress, the Lineamientos consist of Sections.

Co-operativism and Local Development in Cuba: An Agenda for Democratic - Google Books

They provide suggestions for action that affects nearly every aspect of Cuban economic life, with consequential effects on social, cultural, educational and other sectors of activity that had been under the direction of the State.

A companion booklet was also published: The Tabloide presents a summary of the changes lineamientos pcc cuba the draft Lineamientos and the official reasons lineamientos pcc cuba the changes.

Both are required reading for getting a sense of extent and direction of the economic and necessarily political changes that are being contemplated in Cuba. Inthe Lineamientos were seen to serve as a detailed, though still general, basis for reordering the economic framework within which Cuban socialism is understood and ultimately applied to the construction of government, society and economy.

The New Guidelines: Economic Changes and Its Political and Social Impact

They suggested the opening to potentially significant structural changes in Cuban economic policy. Archibald Ritter rightly notes that the Lineamientos are both lineamientos pcc cuba, given the impossible economic condition of Cuba, and also represent an effort to create a legacy for the Cuban Revolution that lineamientos pcc cuba survive the Castro brothers.

Still, Cuban officials were careful to downplay the scope and likelihood of any swift realization of the potential suggested in the Lineamientos. Sinceit became apparent that the Cuban economy had limitations to solve the deficit in its balance of payments, the retentions by banks of overseas transfers and the high volume of its overdue payables.

Carta Magna con intencionalidad transformadora y sensibilidad política

This situation introduced serious strains in lineamientos pcc cuba management and led to the application of a number of measures, including as follows: In keeping with this measure, the available foreign credits were relocated to projects that may have the strongest impact on the Cuban balance of payments.

In spite of the aforementioned measures, the existing picture is so complex that the main limitations to economic performance have not been removed. Therefore, the following will be required: Compounded by a poor integration among the objectives of the national economic plan, this approach led steady inconsistencies and disproportions between individual company plans and the national economic plan.

The solution of these highly complex lineamientos pcc cuba requires a strategic mid and long-term vision.

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