Pet Central walks you through how to cultivate your own fish food, from An equipment list is included for propagating many of the live foods. The type of food you choose to feed your aquarium fish will have a major impact on their health. Learn the basics of live foods to discover how. Fish keepers and breeders have been culturing live food for their fish and other aquatic pets since the hobby began. Live food is natural, high in.


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Fish that feed on them are enjoying a fresh micromeal. Equipment Biowheel, live plant roots, sand and anything bacteria can grow on.


Level of effort Easy. This is more like dessert rather than a main course, but your fish will sure have a feeding frenzy if live food for fish float a biowheel in their tank for a few minutes.

Infusoria These are very small organisms that are ideal for feeding newly hatched egg-laying species. Most live-bearing species are able to take larger food at birth.

Live Fish Food

Equipment Clean tank water, infusoria starter culture, 2-gallon aquarium, turkey baster and magnifying glass. Level of effort Intricate. I fill a 2-gallon aquarium with water from my turtle pond, which is replete live food for fish infusoria.

Aquarium water will also work well, but aquarium fish eat most infusoria, so a starter culture might be necessary for those hobbyists who are in a hurry to get a colony established.

Cultivating Your Own Fish Food

Maintain a water temperature of about 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and the water will soon become opaque. Be patient, and in about a week the water will clear. Here are a couple of easy methods live food for fish testing the ripeness of your culture. First, try illuminating the back of the aquarium.

Aquarium fish feed - Wikipedia

Next, use a magnifying glass to look through the front glass for movement. Infusoria look like specks of pixie dust zooming around. Another method to test for the live food for fish of your infusoria culture is to draw a sample using an eyedropper, and examine the sample on a glass slide.

There should be swarming activity live food for fish the culture is mature. Use an eyedropper or turkey baster to harvest your culture, and your baby fish will enjoy a delectable meal.

Daphnia Also called water fleas, they are ideal for feeding small fish. These little crustaceans look like swirling specks near the shoreline of most ponds. They are easy to collect using a dipnet. The best location live food for fish collect them is in calm water near an algae bloom.

I use a 3- by 3-inch dipnet to collect about 50 specimens. These Daphnia are then cultivated in green water.

Live Fish Food | eBay

Green water is basically a deliberate algae bloom. Daphnia and even some newborn fish eat the unicellular algae and other organisms found in green water.

Creating green water and cultivating Daphnia is relatively simple.

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