Use our free chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis of Luna. It helps middle and high school students understand Julie Anne Peters's literary masterpiece. Peters's (Define "Normal") latest novel sensitively portrays the life of a LUNA. Julie Anne Peters, Author. Little, Brown $ (p) ISBN Julie Ann Peters worked as a research analyst, computer programmer and systems Regan's clumsy new romance and Luna's coming out to a lifelong friends.


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His mother, lost in a world of uppers and downers, pretends not to notice when her son offers to fix dinner or do the laundry.

And Regan, the only one who knows her brother for who he is--a sister named Luna--is luna julie anne peters sleep and a chance for her own life by hiding the secret.

Something has to change, and it finally does when Luna decides to go all the way, luna julie anne peters actually become Luna, the woman he knows he is. It's juxtaposed with sweetness, humour, romance and friendship and I enjoyed every minute of it' My Endless Shelf'Everything I love about contemporary YA.

But Make It Fashion

Indeed, Patrice humours Luna passively when she does not question the absence of her various medications though she is aware that Liam is suicidaltells Elise, "I don't think that's any of your business," when it is inferred that, after she sees Liam as Luna, Elise calls Patrice to ask if he's mentally illand calls her doctor to luna julie anne peters for an early refill of her estrogen prescription the book hints that Luna is on transsexual hormone replacement therapy using cross-hormones from her mother's menopause hormone replacement therapy without questioning how the estrogen had gone.

Patrice does not want Jack to find out about Luna because she is afraid of losing Liam, so she keeps Liam's gender dysphoria secret, and only clandestinely helps Luna. When confronted with the secret by Regan, Patrice admits that she 'can't deal' and continues to ignore her luna julie anne peters as it falls apart.

Minor Characters[ edit ] Hoyt Doucet: Luna julie anne peters upperclassman at Regan's school, Regan identifies him as a bully and shows anger towards him. He torments Liam often for being transgender.

Were We Ever So Young: Rereading Julie Anne Peters' "Luna" for the Seventh Time | Autostraddle

He is Regan's chemistry teacher. Seen as sexist by Chris and Regan, he tells the girls they have to wear the goggles claiming that 'Chemistry is not a beauty contest.

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Seen only in Regan's flashbacksshe was Regan's best friend before she decided to steer away from people. Sharing a love for Opera, they became close friends until they had a slumber party with a bunch of girls.

Liam comes down to the party luna julie anne peters accidentally lets Luna Lia Marie at the time out as he dances.


The girls suspect him to be gay and in turn they 'drift away' from Regan. Regan babysits the three children of Elise and David Matera, neighbors of Regan's family.

Luna: A Novel : Julie Anne Peters :

For me, however, this novel wasn't quite the reading experience I was hoping for. Firstly, Luna's story is so interesting that I really wish that the book had been told luna julie anne peters her point of view--or even in third person omniscient.

Luna's story is the reason I picked luna julie anne peters the book, and it became a little frustrating to read everything filtered through her sister Regan's thoughts and emotions.

In a lot of ways, it paints a pretty bleak picture for trans readers.

Luna: A Novel

Starting my junior year of high school, I was far enough ahead of my required credit load that I was able to take a free period, and was a big enough nerd and loner that I spent that free time at the local public library, just two blocks away from my school. At this time Luna julie anne peters was still sort of figuring out that being trans was a real thing people could be.

It was a very confusing time for me.

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