Interview: Mehdi Golshani. Prof. Mehdi Golshani. Born in Isfahan, Iran, in He earned his BSc in Physics from the University of Tehran, Iran, in ; and a PhD in Physics from the. Mehdi Golshani of Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences (IPM), Tehran (IPM). Read 66 publications, and contact Mehdi Golshani on ResearchGate.


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He mehdi golshani as the chairman of the Physics Department during and mehdi golshani From he was the vice chancellor of the university, handling academic and student affairs. Since he has been the distinguished professor of physics at this university.

He founded the Faculty of the Philosophy of Science mehdi golshani Sharif University of Technology, which was established inand has been its chairman since then.

Golshani has written numerous books and articles on physics, philosophy of physics, science and religion, and science and theology.

Philosophy of Science - Mehdi Golshani

Mehdi golshani book received appreciative recognition from Sheikh Muhammad al-Ghazzali of Egypt. Golshani has written several treatises on Islamic science.

First, for doing scientific work, we must accept that the world with which science deals is orderly and lawful. This mehdi golshani be deduced from science itself. Rather, we need the philosophical assumption that the unknown is similar to the known and that the data of science are applicable for all times and places with confidence.

Without these assumptions we cannot generalize our scientific findings. Second, the applicability of mathematics to the physical world seems miraculous.

IPM - Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences

Why should the symbols created by the mehdi golshani mind be suitable for unravelling the mysteries of the universe and for giving us control over the physical world? It seems that there is an underlying rational built into the fabric of the universe and that there is a tuning between the human mind mehdi golshani the rest of the cosmos, which makes the universe mehdi golshani to human beings.

Without the existence of these two factors there would be no science. Third, the question now arises as to why the reality has this built-in order, and why the human mind can comprehend it.


One answer would be that this is just the way things mehdi golshani. But, this is not the kind mehdi golshani answer that can give us confidence about the universality of science. A more substantial response is that this is the state of affairs because God made it that way.

Mehdi Golshani

This is moving on from a metaphysical realism to theism. Finally, in view of the foregoing considerations, it seems reasonable to claim that science can get its legitimacy in no other mehdi golshani than a theistic one.

This is because science requires presuppositions that are only mehdi golshani from theism. As is now widely recognized, the resolution of this issue depends largely on one's worldview assumptions".

How did life, in all its manifold forms, come mehdi golshani be?

Dr. Mehdi Golshani

Mehdi golshani dispute is mehdi golshani so much about observations of living things, fossils, geological formations, etc. As such, the conflict involves questions concerning the ultimate nature of reality e. Again, a central issue is one of epistemology: Here, too, it is clear that this conflict is rooted in a clash of opposing extra-scientific presuppositions".


Holy Quran and the Sciences of Nature. Studies in Contemporary Philosophical Th.

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