Always controversial, Mochtar Lubis was one of Indonesia's most respected journalists and best-known authors for over four decades. Nirbaya: catatan harian Mochtar Lubis dalam penjara Orde Baru /​ Mochtar Lubis. Also Titled. Catatan harian Mochtar Lubis dalam penjara Orde Baru. Author. Mochtar Lubis (; 7 March – 2 July ) was an Indonesian Batak journalist and novelist who co-founded Indonesia Raya and monthly literary magazine.


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He co-founded Indonesia Raya, a controversial Indonesian newspaper, and his novel Senja di Jakarta was the first Indonesia book to ever be translated into English.

He began as a news reporter for the agency Antara in InMochtar lubis co-founded Indonesia Raya. Receiving abnormal backing from military intelligence officers, the publication functioned under the view that the government was "adversary number one" when it came mochtar lubis free press.


A cart drawn by an mochtar lubis horse crashes into a new Cadillac parked in front of an expensive restaurant. Like many vignettes in the book, this event is an analogy for the whole corrupt Sukarno regime.

Mochtar Lubis was a distinguished mochtar lubis and journalist who was held as a political prisoner by both Sukarno and Suharto for his criticisms of their Old Order and New Mochtar lubis governments in the media.

Lubis was the editor of the controversial daily paper Indonesia Raya that was known for its dedication to exposing of government corruption.

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One of the main characters even gives his life fighting the communists. Lubis, on the other hand, supports the armed forces mochtar lubis he believes is the only entity that possesses the discipline and brute able to restore order and civility to society.

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Mochtar and his staff vehemently denied such claims. Detentions Frequent criticisms of Sukarno and his ministers led to Mochtar being detained without trial in Indonesia Raya closed under pressure two years later. Released inMochtar revived Indonesia Raya mochtar lubis to have it banned by Suharto after anti-government riots in January He was imprisoned for mochtar lubis another year.

In his clashes with authorities, Mochtar dismissed pleas from colleagues to tone down his criticisms in order to be allowed to re-open Indonesia Raya. He argued that the press must be fearless mochtar lubis its mochtar lubis of those in power; it must accept banning rather than compromise.

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