Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual: Roleplaying Game Core Rules, 4th Edition [Mike The second of three core rulebooks for the 4th Edition Dungeons. Abbreviation: MM2. Author: Rob Heinsoo, Chris Sims, Eytan Bernstein, Greg Bilsland, Jesse Decker, N. Eric Heath, Peter Lee, Owen K.C. AD&D First Edition had a Monster Manual II 2e had dozens of Monstrous Compendiums. 3e and 4e had multiple Monster Manuals. and so I'll.


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Now, no Monster Manual is perfect, because there is only so much room and so some monsters, even very popular ones, get left on the cutting room floor.


This is of course why monster manual ii 4e will eventually be a Monster Manual II. Crimson Death Like a lot of creatures on this list, the Crimson Death was once a very popular monster to inflict upon your players.

Ten Monsters I Want to See in Monster Manual II! (Dungeons & Dragons)

The crimson death was an evil vaporous creature that feasted on the blood of fleshy squishy type lifeforms. So people and dwarves and cats.

Probably not Mycanoids and Treants. In Forgotten Realms, Crimson Deaths were believed to be dead vampires because of the whole humanoid shaped clouds that drink blood thing, but it was never proven either way.

Heck, at least one novel from this period centered around a noble vampire only staying undead because he feared being a Crimson Death far more than being a ironically named sun elf.

In their section, there is a sidebar about Draconians and how they differ. This monster manual ii 4e mentions it is possible to have a PC draconian, but it fails to go into the differences as well as the special abilities of all five Draconian races.

Talk about a massive tease to Dragonlance fans. So what are Draconians? Monster manual ii 4e, they are a race that is made, not born.

Instead of producing a single dragon of that species, it produces a whole host of dragon-man hybrids known as Draconians. Each race has their own unique abilities and also a way to stick it to their killer when they die.

Maybe they turn to stone, maybe they explode into a ball of fire — all that you do know monster manual ii 4e that when their Hit Points hit Zero, you needed to prepare for one last attempt to do you in — much like a horror monster manual ii 4e villain. I have to admit I was really disappointed to not see Draconians on the list of creatures that would be in the Monster Manual, if only because I was so excited by the tease in the 5e PHB.

Ten Monsters I Want to See in Monster Manual II! (Dungeons & Dragons) | Diehard GameFAN

Giant Space Hamsters Quit laughing. I want to see Giant Monster manual ii 4e Hamsters. Sure, this marks me as a Spelljammer fan, but who cares. As such, Gnomes need their trusty steeds and source of vehicle locomotion.

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How else are their strange contraptions going to work? They NEED their hamsters! Just ask his owner! Anyway, this is a pretty big lost crossover opportunity for Wizards of the Coast.


Kids, casual readers and people who flip through the comic are going to fall in love with Boo. If you remember him from the days of 2e, then you probably loved him too.

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