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Having overcome all obstacles, he enters the Turya state within fifteen days. In the beginning of his practice, he hears many loud sounds.

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They gradually nada bindu upanishad in pitch and are heard more and more subtly. At first, the sounds are like those proceeding from the ocean, clouds, kettle-drum and cataracts; in the middle stage those proceeding from Mardala a musical instrumentbell and horn.

At the last stage, those proceeding from tinkling bells, flute, Vina a musical instrument and bees. Thus he hears many such sounds nada bindu upanishad and more subtle. When he comes to that nada bindu upanishad when the sound of the great kettle-drum is being heard, he should try to distinguish only sounds more and more subtle.

He may change his concentration from the gross sound to the subtle, or from the subtle to the gross, but he should not allow his mind to be diverted from them towards others.

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The mind having at first concentrated itself on any one sound fixes firmly to that and is absorbed in it. It the mind becoming insensible to the external impressions, becomes one with the sound as milk with water and then becomes rapidly absorbed in Chidakasa the Akasa where Nada bindu upanishad prevails.

Being indifferent towards all objects, the Yogin having controlled his passions, should by continual practice concentrate his attention upon the sound which destroys the mind. Having abandoned all thoughts and being freed from all actions, he should nada bindu upanishad concentrate his attention on the sound and then his Chitta becomes absorbed in it.

Nada Bindu Upanishad of Rigveda

Just as the bee drinking the honey alone does not care for the odour, so the Chitta which is always absorbed in sound, does not nada bindu upanishad for sensual objects, as it is bound by the sweet smell of Nada and nada bindu upanishad abandoned its flitting nature. The serpent Chitta through listening to the Nada is entirely absorbed in it and becoming unconscious of everything concentrates itself on the sound.

It also serves the purpose of a shore to the ocean waves of Chitta. The sound proceeding from Pranava which is Brahman is of the nature of effulgence; the mind becomes absorbed in it; that is the supreme seat of Vishnu.

The sound exists till there is the Akasic conception Akasa-Sankalpa. It is said that this sound has its source in the Anahata Chakra the fourth Chakra in vedic terminology.

This is called Omkara. Know it by means of the Dharanas, viz. If a person happens to die in the first Matra while contemplating on ithe is born again as a great emperor in Bharatavarsha. If in the second Matra, he becomes an illustrious Nada bindu upanishad if in the third Matra, a Vidyadhara; if in the fourth, a Gandharva these three being the celestial hosts.

If he happens to die in nada bindu upanishad fifth, nada bindu upanishad.

Nada Bindu Upanishad - Translation

If in the sixth, he merges, into Indra; if in the seventh, he reaches the seat of Vishnu; if in the eighth, Rudra, the Lord of all creatures.

That which is beyond these, viz. When the mind goes beyond the nada bindu upanishad and the Gunas and is absorbed, having no separate existence and no mental action, then the Guru should instruct him as to his further course of development.

That person always engaged in its contemplation and always absorbed in it should gradually leave nada bindu upanishad his body or family following the course of Yoga and avoiding all intercourse with society.

Then he, being freed from the bonds of karma and the existence as a Jiva and being pure, enjoys the supreme bliss by his attaining of the state of Brahma. O intelligent man, spend your life always in the knowing of the supreme bliss, enjoying the whole of your Prarabdha that portion of past Karma now being enjoyed without making any complaint of it a.


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