Odayil Ninnu From the Gutter is a Malayalam novel written by P Kesavadev in The protagonist of the novel is a rickshawpuller named Pappu The novel. Odayil Ninnu or Odeyil Ninnu is a Malayalam film directed by K S Sethumadhavan based on the novel of the same name written by P Kesavadev Dev. Odayil Ninnu Novel In Malayalam Pdf 42 -- DOWNLOAD 95ec0d2f82 odayil ninnu novel in malayalam pdf download.


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He takes care of a child from the gutter.

That child became so arrogant and proud when she grew up. She did not even want Pappu's presence. She did not even odayil ninnu malayalam Pappu's presence. Pappu suffers ill health odayil ninnu malayalam to his hard work.

The subsequent developments reveal him as an extremely affectionate human being, seeking pleasure in doing good to others and demanding nothing for himself.


As a revenge Pappu let loose the cows to the paddy field of the landlord. The whole crop was odayil ninnu malayalam. As Pappu was about to be caught, he made off from the village.


The life in the city offered a mixed experience to Pappu. Hunger was his main problem.

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He wanted some job. He worked as a coolie, then as a beedi-maker and finally as a weaver in a textile mill.


Everywhere he met with oppression and that was what Pappu could not stand. On a salary day at the textile mill Pappu found odayil ninnu malayalam wages being reduced by two rupees. On questioning this, he was beaten-up by the manager.

Odayil Ninnu (film) - Wikipedia

But when he regained himself police arrested him and was odayil ninnu malayalam to jail. After fourteen months when he was released Pappu had no place to go. The odayil ninnu malayalam or future was no concern for him. He thought only of his next meal. He took a rikshaw on hire and became a rikshaw-wallah, Pappu liked his job from the day one.

The Sathyan Tribute | Pappu from Odayil Ninnu (1965)

His odayil ninnu malayalam and courtous manners made him the most sought after rikshaw-wallah in town. And definitely no threat delivered in high decibels. Just a line delivered with power packed into it.

And no prizes for guessing who it was that tugged at heartstrings and had the womenfolk swooning over him. The uncut diamond of course!


He even neglects his own health and contracts tuberculosis. Gopi Prem Nazira rich, young man falls in love with Lakshmi and marries her.

Contrary to Pappu's expectations, Lakshmi odayil ninnu malayalam arrogant and proud. She even shuns Pappu's presence. Censured by Gopi for her ingratitude, Lakshmi odayil ninnu malayalam and invites Pappu to live with her in their new home.

The film ends with a scene in which Pappu moves away from her into darkness, his loud cough indicating that his end is imminent.

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