I used the package pdfpages and the command. Code: [Select all] . tar -zcvf *.tex *.ps *.eps *.sty *.bib *.bst Makefile. That did all. In the following examples, the dvi files, pdf files and ps files can be viewed and ; Postscript graphics in LaTeX (using the package). which contains the definition of all GasTeX macros. The package pst-pdf includes pictures directly from the file


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Of course, answers are numbered and reference back to the exercises.

LaTeX MSC package

Moreover, when hyperref mode is loaded, exercises and anwers point to one another. See the documentation and examplesor just retrieve the package and try it out.


This version fixes bugs related to topheaddist, firstlevelheight, instheight, and gatesymbolradius. A create command with no incoming arrow is added and an alternative stop symbol can be used to terminate instances.

CTAN: Package pdfpages

Scroll down to download version 1. But do feel free to help yourself package pdf pages sty any of them. I offer no warranty. The usual rules apply: You may freely copy and use these files. It is also possible to run directly pdflatex mathastext. Move the various files to the correct TDS locations.


In case you need the old version, it is still available here. If package pdf pages sty frame consists only of a gpicture with overlays, when compiling with pdflatex you may get the first overlay only. I don't know why and guess it is a problem either with auto-pst-pdf or with beamer.

Using gasset inside a tabular or an array produces an error. The movie itself package pdf pages sty contained in the PDF file, instead of having to be shipped as a separate file.

In other words, we have created something that deserves the name Portable Document Format. The caveat of course is that the movie or any other multimedia content for that matter will only play properly if the PDF viewer manages to find an external program that can read the embedded file format.

That is why it is not advisable to use exotic or platform-specific video formats e. This dependence on external video players is removed by the media9 package below. Vector animations Everything that was said above also applies if the movie you want to include is in Flash SWF format.


As mentioned above, the big advantage is that Flash delivers package pdf pages sty animation inside your PDF document. An example file, movie-swf. Since the poster frame image shown before the movie is started can't be found automatically for this Flash animation, I've inserted an image FlashPoster.

As above, you need Adobe Reader to play this movie. Version 8 is required, as is an up-to-date version of Flash Player.

Package pdf pages sty you start a new document from scratch, intended to get a PDF, this path is the first choice, although pdfLaTeX is still in "beta-state".

How do I include hyper-references?

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